Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mitsu Arakawa!

One of the most hated Stars to enter the ring, Mitsu formed some rough Japanese Tag Teams.
In the WWA, Higo Hamigucci teamed with Mitsu.
Even before the match would start, the duo would get the fans angry by throwing salt into their corner of the ring to "Purify" the ring.
Somehow, they seem to keep some spare salt to throw into their opponents eyes as well!
They would take on teams like The Golden Boy Paul Christy and Yukon Moose Cholak, Wilbur Snyder and Sailor Art Thomas, Cowboy Bob Ellis and Pepper Gomez.
Mitsu defeated Dick The Bruiser in 1966 for the WWA World Heavyweight Championship.
Mitsu wrestled barefoot and would taunt his opponents, and the fans.
Before maintaining that hatered outside the ring,
keep in mind this tidbit.
World War II US Army Veteran Mitsu Arakawa served his country.
Later after his extensive ring career, Mitsu managed a restaurant in Indianapolis.
Mitsu passed away in 1997, but will always be remembered by Classic Professional Wrestling!

Monday, October 31, 2016

We hit 20000 Pageviews! Thank you to all our fans!!!

Thanks to all you fans who check our page! I also want to say thank you to all the great Professional Wrestling Stars who we were able to remember and bring back into the ring lights!
The main purpose for this site is to remember all of the Stars, whether main Event or Opener.
From the beginning up to Sports Entertainment, we remember!
We also will never forget the other Promoters, Ring Announcers, Timekeepers, and Referees who made Professional Wrestling the best Sport ever!
I have been so fortunate to have known so many in the business. Many of the ring greats are no longer with us, but never forgotten.
I was privileged to be a Licensed Professional Wrestling Promoter in Chicago Illinois.
Promoter herb Simmons of East Carondolet Illinois with The Golden Boy Paul Christy had enough confidence in me to recommend me to the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation for the License to promote Cards.
The Officials, Nick Kerasotes, Frank, Pat all treated me with respect and I enjoyed a relationship with them that was outstanding.
At TSW Tri State Wrestling, I was so fortunate to have Ring Greats as Champions.
Our Heavyweight Champions Spike Huber, and The Golden Boy Paul Christy.
TSW Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, The Fabulous Kelly Brothers, and Misty Dawn, TSW Woman's Champion!
My son The BBM Ballistic Brent Myers has been in the business, as a Professional Wrestler, Promoter, and member of The Cauliflower Alley Club.
We can both be heard on Hartbeat Radio with WWE Great Bruce Hart, and our Pal and Canada's Very Own Bob Johnson.
I am saddened by the Wrestlers who have passed on. Dick The Bruiser, The Crusher, Blackjack Mulligan, The Fabulous Ox Baker, Promoter Brad Davis, and so many others.
CPW will continue to bring to the real deal, not Wiki anything.
You, the fans, deserve to know about your Ring Favorites, and CPW will strive to get timely information and lead the Sport when it comes to breaking news.
Not the hype, but as Sgt Joe Friday would say, Just The Facts!
Thank you, and please continue to visit and shre with your friends and family.
Promoter Bob Brooks.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

WWA's Prince Pullins!!

Yes it's Prince Pullins this week. Talk about a guy who stayed in shape, next to Sailor Art Thomas Prince was there!
Prince worked opening matches, and Mid cards generally, until Dick The bruiser chose him as a tag Team partner against The Blackjacks!
Now, lets get the story straight. Prince trained Princess Jasmine and was not her husband or even boyfriend.
Dick wanted her trained and prince did just that.
Billed from Kingston Jamaica, he actually worked mainly in the AWA and WWA Promotions.
If you watch matches as closely as I do, you will see in a match with Tom Demarco that during the ring announcement by the great Tom Mathis, Referee Paul Mischler (Who used to be a professional Wrestler!) is checking the wrestlers prior to the match. You can see Paul ask Prince how are you ad Prince saying he is doing ok and pats Paul on the shoulders in a friendly gesture.
In my opinion if I can copy off the legendary Sam Menacker, he was a gentleman outside of the ring.
I always felt Prince enjoyed wrestling, exchanging holds, and really just enjoyed the sport.
Oooh, I used that word!
So this week we remember a Prince who brought good clean matches to fans wherever he stepped int the ring.
And speaking of that, he stepped in their with a lot of tough guys, The Blackjacks, Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan, Mitsu Arakawa, and Handsome Jimmy Valiant!!
My sources have Prince passing away in 2006.
The Prince will always be remembered here, at Classic Professional Wrestling!
Photo courtesy of Wrestling Revue.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Labor Day and a hard working man!

Steve "Mr. Electricity" Regal! I've known Steve for many years. He came in for me in LaPorte Indiana and did a great job of running the locker rooms.
Steve was a WWA Star and AWA.
Steve went over to the WWF but lacked the behemoth size Vince was operating with at the time.
Steve was Wilbur Snyder's (The Worlds most Scientific Wrestler) son-n-law.
From time to time he would tag with Dick The Bruisers son-n-law Spike Huber!
Later he would team with Jimmy Garvin.
My opinion was that Steve never got the "Big Push" He should have got in at
Vince's earlier with his background and Dick The Bruiser.
Politics play a big part and I feel Steve was never given a break like he should have.
Steve "Mr. Electricity" Regal, remembered at CPW!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

"The Wrestling Beatle"!!

No, its not The British Invasion! No Brexit jokes please.
While four young guys with Mops for hairdos were making girls scream and Ed Sullivan made the headlines, another young man was in the Ring as the Wrestling Beatle.
My old buddy Bob Sabre, a Chicago Mainstay, prompted by Dick The Bruiser to do his part and bring in the fans as The Wrestling Beatle.
Bob was a trainer and in my opinion a good one.
As this Mop haired Wrestler did make a few stops, even in Toronto,
That was George Ringo's final appearance in Toronto. He had wrestled at Maple Leaf Gardens twice in 1964, defeating  Firpo Zbyszko (Sept. 10) and Duke Noble.
A promotional idea that didn't happen, was to say that Jayne Mansfield would accompany The Wrestling Beatle to the ring. She of course was killed in a fatal car accident at only age 34 in 1967.
While bob may not have had the fame of the Beatles, or lucky enough to have Jayne in his corner, Bob Sabre The Wrestling Beatle will always be remembered at Classic Professional Wrestling!
Photo: Wrestling Revue.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ada Ash and Ohio Favorite!

This week we look back at one of the toughest women in the square circle but outside of Professional Wrestling as well.
While most young women of her time were challenging life and work, Ada was lifting horses, wrestling crocodiles, and yes, Wrestling bears!
Ada Ash was not afraid to get into the ring with opponents larger than her and she proved it in over 171 matches.
Of course I had my favorite matches and that was with Shirley Strimple, "The Wrestling Housewife!
She's had her head busted open, and reportedly, in a match against Nell Stewart she inadvertently fell out of the ring onto the floor injuring her spine!
Ada was trained by a few ring veterans, one being her husband Al Szasz who was well known in the San Francisco area during the 30's.
So many of todays Divas who grace the TV screen should be first to remember Stars like Ada Ash who were true Professional Wrestling Stars of the early days.
At CPW we remember greats like Ada Ash!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wow!! Going back to the 1940's remembering Jim "The Goon" Henry!
Fron Buffalo to Beaumont, this guy worked with Paul Ballargeon and Magnificent Maurice and Handsome Johnny Berand.
1939 saw the invasion of Poland, the US was at a tense time, of course nobody knew what December 7th 1941 was going to see at Pearl Harbor.
Yet Americans still needed an outlet to get away from WW II. Professional Wrestling greats provided that diversion.
Walter Palmer was the NWA Champion of the 40;s.
Jim Henry was Wrestling throughout the US.  In Beaumont Texas, Jim was in 3 Fall Tag Team matches with Young Joe Stecher.
Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland were known as Steelbelt Wrestling. Yes, The Wrestling Battman was there too!
The Goon was anywhere there was a ring, taking on the legends of the day, such as Primo Canera.

Known for finishing off his opponents with a Powerful Full Nelson, Jim had many long and grueling matches, some lasting an hour and time limits expiring..Going the distance.
At Classic Professional Wrestling, we remember Jim "The Goon" Henry!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Race Bannon!!!

From the Southside of Chicago, no not bad - bad
Leroy brown, its Chicago's very Own Race Bannon!!
Race got his start when his neighborhood friend, and one of my All Time favorites, Tom Demarco agreed to contact Bob Sabre.
Bob gave Race a introduction into the World of pain and Race found himself on mats, not between ropes!
He got in the business the hard way, showing that he wasn't going to quit or turn back.
From Indian Star Frankie Hill, to World Class Wrestling Stars like Gino Hernandez, and the Von Erich's, Race has met and taken on some of the best in the squared circle!
From Gene Kininski, to Killer Tim Brooks, and Jake "The Snake" Roberts.
In September 2016, Race will be on Hartbeat Radio with myself and Stampede Wrestling Hall of Famer, and WWF Star Bruce Hart. Bruce of course the brother of Brett "The Hitman Hart" and son of the Dungeon Legend Stu Hart.
We'll take a look back into the 70;s and get it first hand from Race on his career and what he's doing not.
Don't miss it!
I will post it on here and Facebook so this should bring back great memories and certainly be very interesting.
I am looking forward to this one!
At Classic Professional Wrestling we remember!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Blackjack Mulligan!!

We have lost the man from Sweetwater Texas. My longtime friend and 1/2 of the Infamous Blackjacks Mulligan and Lanza, Managed by Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan!
I cannot believe he has passed on, but I know he is resting from a long illness which really wore him down.
So many comments and articles have mentioned him from WCW and WWF, but I will highlight his WWA and AWA well as Professional Football.
A big man, BJM was seen as a young man as a prospective football player by his coaches in High School.
He excelled on the football field, and eventually served his country by joining the USMC.
He went from a street fighter to a competent fighting machine skilled and able.
Professional Football was calling and BJM played professionally with the new York jets until a severe leg injury took him off the field.
The squared circle was going to be the new game plan.
Under the AWA BJM developed into a Professional Wrestler feared by many.
Blackjack Lanza befriended Mulligan and a Tag Team that was as rough as they come was formed. Managed by Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan, they team took off in Chicago.
September 1, 1972 was the top of the ladder!
The Steel Cage Match where the Blackjacks and bobby Heenan were locked in a Steel Cage with not only The Wrestler Who made Milwaukee Famous The Crusher, and The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler Dick The Bruiser, but Professional Boxing Champion Jersey Joe Walcott for the referee!!
The cold wind blew in off Lake Michigan at Soldiers Field as construction left part of the wall open.
The Blood was everywhere as the toughest guys in town went at it, and the bloodbath was the talk of the Professional Wrestling World. Not much thanks to Bill Aptor or any of the magazines of the day, but it still was on top!

Promoter Bob Luce had his dreams come true on this! Mulligan to me many times that the cold Chicago wind was colder than any he ever felt.
This was a card he would never forget.
And at Classic Professional Wrestling, we will never you Blackjack Mulligan!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sad news as we have lost The Polynisian Wildman!

The news came to me early this morning from one of the Stars of my TSW Promotions The Mysterious Sheik, that our longtime friend The Polynesian Wildman passed away in Hawaii !
As a Promoter I could depend on him to be dependable and give his all.
Always a pleasure to work with, it is with heavy heart to report this sad news to all of the fans.
I would make one call to bring him in, along with Shotgun Willie and TSW Womans Champion Misty Dawn.
He wrestled Dick The Bruiser and many AWA and WWA greats.
They brought smiles to my face when they would appear at the arena.
Always grateful to be on my cards, we had mutual respect and it showed.
They all gave great interviews and made Promoter Bob Brooks and TSW a Chicagoland fan favorite.
Thank you my friend for sharing your talents and being a part of TSW.
The Polynesian Wildman will always be remembered by Classic Professional Wrestling!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Giants of The Mat! Happy Humphrey!!!

While the scales tipped at the meat packing plants of 900 lbs., they weren't weighing beef, but a Professional Wrestler from Georgia named Happy Humphrey!
In the ring, the big man started his career in 1953 wrestling a Bear. Most mat stars don't start off that way but....
I realize Wiki this and that focus on him being so heavy, but fans, this man was kind and always took time to sign as many autographs as he could.
Maybe not unusual, but considering his treatment outside of the ring by non fans who would stare at him, and made him feel like a circus side show, he remained a nice man.
"Handsome " Harley Race was tasked during his early career in driving Humphrey to his matches.
Yes, Race had been a caretaker to him, showering him with a garden hose, washing him with brushes and mops, Race looked at him as a mentor who taught him a lot in the ring. Race wrestled HH on occaision.
Now here's what you wanted, and that is who could give HH a run for his money in the ring you say?
At 601lbs Haystacks Calhoun and 900 lb HH had sold out Madison Square Garden for Promoter Vince McMahon Sr.
Humphrey lost most of his weight in later years, and volunteered for obesity studies.
His heart gave out eventually, but he left us with great memories of a big man who really cared about the fans and Professional Wrestling.
And we at CPW cared about Happy Humphrey and he is remembered!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The One, The Only, The Clawmaster!

From Stuttgart Germany at 288 lbs, he is The Clawmaster Baron Von Raschke!And so much more you probably didn't know!
A little closer to home, in Omaha, Baron worked hard on getting his Amateur Wrestling background together.
While playing basketball and football, he won the Nebraska State Heavyweight Championship.

He worked hard at a BS Degree in Biology as well.
Uncle Sam provided room and board and Baron served his country. He found time to be in the World Games winning a Bronze Medal in Greco-Roman Wrestling.
Promoter Joe Dusek,a name you heard in The Wrestler, introduced Baron to AWA Heavyweight Champion and Promoter Verne Gagne.The Goosestepper was born!
Teaming up with Mad Dog Vachon, he was underway into Professional Wrestling, where The Clawmaster had Legendary Matches at Cominsky Park in a Title Match with Gagne.
His opponents were the toughest around, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Wilbur Snyder, Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher!
Managed by Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan, The Clawmaster was on top!
In the 1980,s Baron saw the light, became a good guy, and also a crowd favorite!
The Clawmaster wrestled for me in those late 80;s and what a fan favorite he was.
I saw him throw The Clawhold on The Kelly Brothers Tim Kelly, and the crowd went crazy! They hadn't seen Baron for a few years in Chicago as he worked the WCW out of Atlanta.
I brought The Clawmaster to my home to meet my father. He was such a cordial man, very respectful of my father and kind.
I always appreciated his coming to the house.
In the ring, he was tough, he could wrestle, and he would give the best interviews with Sam Menacher.
Bob Luce printed bloody beaten pictures of Baron and the crowds filed in.
Baron had a Antique shop in Prior Lake. He made some interviews and behind the scenes stories.
I will always remember his matches and The Claw.
At CPW we remember The Clawmaster Baron Von Raschke!!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bobo Brazil!

Yes, King of The Coco Butt!
 Bobo wrestled all the top names. Early on, he wrestled Dick The bruiser, but later became partners with him.
Most fans remember Bobos matches against The Sheik in Detroit. They would be on the floor, in the seats, and in the street!
I met Bobo in Hammond at The Hammond Civic Center. He actually needed a funnel for oil to put in his van. A nice man, who chomped cigars and traveled everywhere!
I saw him in Chicago at Cominsky Park when Dick The Bruiser and Bobo took on The Sheik and Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan in 1974.
Bobo was in the movie I Like To Hurt People highlighting Big Time Wrestling in Detroit.
Bobo held many Championships throughout his career, but most fans were really waiting on him to unload with his Coco Butt!
Bobo was inducted into The WWF Hall of Fame by Ernie "Big Cat" Ladd!
Brazil passed away in 1998 but his ring memories will always be retained at Classic Professional Wrestling!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Here he is! Sailor Art Thomas!!

One of my favorites was this gentleman, and yes, he really was just that.
Art served his country and really was in the US Navy. In his early days he would work Madison Square Garden and being paired with Bobo Brazil and Burrhead Jones, as well as Dory Dixon.
Wrestling in Texas and The Carolinas, he made his way to the Midwest and AWA-WWA Arenas where he was a fan favorite.
Usually Arts opponents would attempt overhand wristlocks or go toe to toe with him in "Test of strength" and finding out he was no joke. Art worked out and stayed in top condition. He would get up early when on the road and search for a gym.
A story was told years ago that Cowboy Bill Watts made remarks to Art in the locker room and Art obliged Watts and was ready to chop him apart but Watts took off and wanted no part of Thomas.
Art did not drive a car, and usually to a bus, or his wife would drive him.
He was always good with fans and they loved him. Especially using a bearhug on opponents like Baron Von Rashcke or The Sheik!
Art was a family man who remembered when he was in a orphanage, he wanted to belong to and have a family.
He was blessed with a family who watch this 6'4" 250 lb  man get on his knees and pray everynight, giving thanks for what he had.
Sailor Art Thomas, a real kind man who will always be remembered at Classic Professional Wrestling!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Black History Month Continues with The Princess!!

CAC Honoree and WWA Great Princess Jasmine is remembered!
At 5'9" the Princess who was going to be a nurse, chose the mat world instead. A chance to meet The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler Dick The Bruiser turned her world around. Trained by Prince Pullins, Jasmine quickly learned her craft. Although she wrestled "Clean" most of the time, she really preferred to rough it up, even getting into racially charged assaults by her opponents she didn't let it get to her and charged her opponents with the fierceness ofa cheetah!
Travelling to Ontario, Alabama and the South on occasion, her WWA home was where she wanted to be.
Some of her travels took her to Africa.
A lovely woman, she graced the rings until she passed away in 2009 at a young 60 years of age. She was respected by her opponents, even Beverly Shade, and Ms. Bunny Love, Judy Martin.
So who better to remember a Princess who was a Queen, Princess Jasmine!!
Photo Courtesy of Wrestling Revue Magazine.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Prince Pullins!!

In recognition of Black History Month, we are highlighting WWA Star Prince Pullins!
Prince Pullins worked undercard matches but always gave 100% as if it were the main event.
Wrestling top stars such as The Sheik ,Gene Kininski, and Tom Demarco, and even "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan in 1965!!

You could always expect and receive high flying action from Prince.
Prince served his country during the Korean war. Later Wrestling for Balk Estes prior to it becoming WWA World Wrestling Association owned by Dick The Bruiser and Wilbur Snyder.
Pullins trained Princess Jasmine, a African American beauty who became a fan favorite.

Prince Pullins passed away in 2006, but he is remembered for his action packed matches and dedication to Professional Wrestling!

We remember the Prince and Princess at Classic Professional Wrestling!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Worlds Most SCientific Wrestler! Wilbur Snyder!!

WWA and AWA fans remember this man well. Snyder, who crossover from football into the more lucrative Professional Wrestling could use more holds in seconds than most anyone during this time.
Joe Tangero and Joe brunette were his pals.
Most people couldn't see a connection in styles between him and The Worlds Most dangerous Wrestler Dick The Bruiser. Dick was a brawler and Wilbur scientific who could rough it up if need be, actually formed a business venture in 1965 and formed the WWA World Wrestling Association.
Before all this, Wilbur was well known in California, and The Hollywood Legion Stadium!
While there he was among names like Sandor Szabo, Tom Rice, and many others who would come to LA for a big break into the business.
WWA fans packed the house in Indianapolis, Hammond, and house shows in Champaign Illinois, Springfield, and Indiana Armories.
Remember Remington?
Wilbur and Blackjack Lanza would go toe to toe with memorable matches.
Snyder teamed up with The Golden Boy Paul Christy, Yukon Moose Cholak, and Pepper Gomez.
As time went on, Wilbur appeared to lose interest and his craft, and found retirement and playing tennis a better deal.
Selling his portion of the WWA to Dick The Bruiser, Wilbur tried Promoting with dismal results on his own.
Unfortunately for Wilbur, who smoked over 2 packs of cigarettes per day, his health turned for the worse.
In his family life, Wilbur's daughter married Mr. Electricity Steve Regal. His grandchildren kept him busy.
Wilbur passed away 8 weeks after dick, both in Florida.
Sam Menacker and complimented Wilbur saying he was a gentleman in and out of the ring!
We remember The Worlds most Scientific wrestler Wilber Snyder here at Classic Professional Wrestling!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Little Crusher! Little Bruiser!

No, not Little Bruiser!
William Hamilton actually Tagged with Little Bruiser.
Teaming up they took on Bobo Johnson and Cowboy Lang.
They lost the match, but CPW hasn't lost sight of them.
While Little Bruiser from Reno Nevada was a sensational hit in Indianapolis where the had a Six man Tag Match.
Dick The Bruiser, The Crusher and Little Bruiser, vs The Blackjacks and "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan.
In an interview I did with Blackjack Mulligan in 2012, BJM told the story of him and Lanza stopping at a small store a week after that six man tag team match, and being booed out practically by the clerks!
The clerks said how could you beat up that little guy!
 Mulligan remembered that the match just aired where they were at on TV.
Mulligan said they were glad to get out of there unscathed!
These little men of the mat had big hearts in the business and will always be remembered by Classic Professional Wrestling!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Wild" Red Berry!

Yes, Red was known as the manager of The Fabulous Kangaroos, and he wasn't a great big man in terms of size,but..
Red was also a professional Boxer until a injury sidelined him. Red was a Light heavyweight Champion, but he was a Big Man especially to the folks in Pittsburg Kansas.
Red was cheered at home, but he served he community as a Mayor and was a Shriner and Mason!
Red appeared on TV show but lets remember him for all of the good he did for his community as well as his ring skills.
Red is remembered by a park named after him, but let remember him at CPW by saying he was a Top Manager, and good citizen.
A manager of The Fabulous Kangaroos, Red was respected!Red will always be remembered at CPW!!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Here They Are The Medics!!

You asked for them and here they are!!
The Masked men of The Mat!
The Medics started in 1969 and based themselves in the Central States and Memphis. By 1970 the graduated med School, and now became The Interns!
Managed by my friend and longtime Manager Great, Dr. Ken Ramey, these guys battled whoever steeped into the squared circle with them!
Yes, a few changes in the lineup occurred, but these guys were as tough as nails!
I interviewed The Interns and Dr. Ken Ramey. The Interns described how not only did they have to focus on their opponants, but on protecting Dr. Ken from their opponants and fans!
Not an easy task, but they worked feverishly to keep him safe.
In the line up change, they told me how he became a Intern after a promoter tried to have him injured or unmasked to force him to leave the area.
During a match, his mask was reemoved. he went home ready to hang up his gear.
The next day his phone rang, and it was Dr. Ken, offering this stranger a job but under a mask.
Needless to say, he donned his mask and his rough tough Tag Team ran rampid to the top!
At Classic professional Wrestling, the Medics, the Interns, and my late friend Dr. Ken Ramey, CAC Great will always be remembered!!