Thursday, September 29, 2016

WWA's Prince Pullins!!

Yes it's Prince Pullins this week. Talk about a guy who stayed in shape, next to Sailor Art Thomas Prince was there!
Prince worked opening matches, and Mid cards generally, until Dick The bruiser chose him as a tag Team partner against The Blackjacks!
Now, lets get the story straight. Prince trained Princess Jasmine and was not her husband or even boyfriend.
Dick wanted her trained and prince did just that.
Billed from Kingston Jamaica, he actually worked mainly in the AWA and WWA Promotions.
If you watch matches as closely as I do, you will see in a match with Tom Demarco that during the ring announcement by the great Tom Mathis, Referee Paul Mischler (Who used to be a professional Wrestler!) is checking the wrestlers prior to the match. You can see Paul ask Prince how are you ad Prince saying he is doing ok and pats Paul on the shoulders in a friendly gesture.
In my opinion if I can copy off the legendary Sam Menacker, he was a gentleman outside of the ring.
I always felt Prince enjoyed wrestling, exchanging holds, and really just enjoyed the sport.
Oooh, I used that word!
So this week we remember a Prince who brought good clean matches to fans wherever he stepped int the ring.
And speaking of that, he stepped in their with a lot of tough guys, The Blackjacks, Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan, Mitsu Arakawa, and Handsome Jimmy Valiant!!
My sources have Prince passing away in 2006.
The Prince will always be remembered here, at Classic Professional Wrestling!
Photo courtesy of Wrestling Revue.

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