Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As we are fast approaching 10;000 page views, I have to say Thank You to all our fans who visit. I try to bring you breaking news of interest to Classic Professional Wrestling fans.
I want to thank Ms. Melissa for creating this page.
I would like to say its been a privilege to bring these Mat Greats to this page and on radio.
These Wrestlers traveled the roads from Big Cities to rural County Fairs.
The Tough Guys like Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher, to flamboyant stars like Gorgeous George.
We remember those lost tragically and to soon like Bobby Shane and Yukon Eric!
Managers like "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan that came out to chants of "We want blood! and Bobby Davis; Bobby Manganoff, Abdullah Foruk and Eddie Creechman, Don Carson, Dr. Ken Ramey, JC Dykes!! Wow!!!
The lovely and tough Women Wrestlers and my TSW Champion Misty Dawn!
Promoters like me learned from the best, Bob Luce, Fred Kohler, Sam Munchnik, Nick Gulas, Paul Boesch, and Dennis Hilgart.
The referees, Mike Figaroa, Stan Sarbernack, Percy Franklin, Henry Van Loon, and The "Dean" of Referees Connie Marker.
Timekeepers like Harry Black and Joe Mauriello!
All the ring guys!
So I am thankful for having the education in a business that was closed and yet I was taken in and given so much by so many.
So this page brings back all of the greats for all of the Territories.
Thank you the fans who came to the cards despite snow, cold and rain. From Armories to Arenas!
Let hit 10'000 by telling your friends to check out Classic Professional Wrestling.blogspot.com

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

And now down to ringside and Rodger Kent!!

The Voice of AWA Announce Great Rodger Kent passed away! Rodger and Marty O'Neill interviewed AWA Stars and came into our homes every week!
With Rod Trungard, Wrestling fans knew they were in for Stars from all corners of the earth
Rodger will be missed by Wrestlers and fans alike.
Minneapolis will always be remembered as the AWA Home!
Greg Gagne and I will remember Rodger Kent on Hartbeat Radio Sunday December 7th at 9pm Central, with Bruce Hart!