Friday, May 22, 2015

The Battman!!

No I didn't misspell it! No it's not the Great Adam West! It's Professional Wrestling's Dynamic Duo, Battman and Robin!!
The popular TV Show was not the only place to find Masked Heroes.
Pittsburg PA was very aware of The Battman during the 1966 era.
At CPW we are working hard to get him on our upcoming radio show so standby!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Benito "Bouncing" Gardini!!!

From 1940-1956, Gardini wrestled in over 660 matches. The fans really didn't watch him to see if he would win, but watch him get bealed or hip tossed and bounce across the ring! He would bounce from one side to the other to the delight of the fans.
From Baltimore to Chicago's Marigold Arena, Benito took on greats like Roy McClarity and Desplaines Illinois own NWA Champion Walter Palmer!
Some call it a gimmick, but to the fans who were mainly immigrants Benito was a working mans hero!
We remember "Mr. Five by Five"!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

CAC Reunion Memories!

Promoter Bob Brooks sharing good times in Las Vegas with Professional Wrestling Stars Lord Zoltan and The BBM Ballistic Brent Myers!!
Lord Zoltan and myself have been friends for 25 years. He is a ring veteran, but beyond the ropes, he is a driving force for the hearing impaired.
Lord Zoltan sponsors huge events to raise funds and awareness of hearing loss and spends countless hours working to help those who are without sound.
The BBM of course travelling Coast to Coast taking on opponents and keeping his fans wanting more!
Future plans for Promoter Bob Brooks include returning to the radio airwaves to host Classic Professional Wrestling Radio where we remember the Ring Greats!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler!

From Reno Nevada, weighing in at 259 lbs He is "The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler" Dick The Bruiser!
Yes, One of the real tough guys and in my opinion THEE Toughest!
From Football to the squared circle, Dick pummeled foe after foe!
Teamed up with Hans Schmidt in the early days 1950's, he was hated until the 1960's when he teamed with his cousin The Crusher! They were the Blue Collar working mans heroes!
Probably the roughest, bloodiest match ever was the September 1, 1972 Steel Cage Match at Soldiers Field in Chicago!!
Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher vs The Blackjacks Mulligan and Lanza, Managed by the greatest Manager ever, "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan!
The Special Guest Referee, Heavyweight Boxing Champion "Jersey" Joe Wolcott!
Soldiers field was under renovation and Promoter Bob Luce pulled off the best card ever!
The weather was cool and the action hot and heavy!
Bobby Heenan was beaten so bad he was vomiting in the ring when Mulligan and Lanza tried to get Heenan out of the cage after the match!!!
Blackjack Muligan told me and all of his fans on classicprofessionalwrestling radio in 2012 that was his ost memorable match and how brutal Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher were!
Jersey Joe decked Bobby Heenan when things got on of control.
Many cage matches occurred after this, including mine. but none can compare to this!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Misty Dawn!

Tri State Wrestling in Chicago had tough, lovely Women Wrestlers. Judy Starfire, was one of the toughest. Judy was a top AWA and WWA Star!  Ms Bunny Love not only Managed "The Golden Boy" Paul Christy, but put her boots on and was a feared opponent.
The TSW Heavyweight Champion of The World Misty Dawn! I will tell you that she never turned down a match, took on any opponent I put up against her! She put her name on the dotted line and gave 100%!
Misty Dawn used a variety of holds. She could dropkick your head off, but she like to exchange holds and wear down her adversary
Misty was also in mixed matches with The Polynesian Wildman and Shotgun Willie.
Always dependable, she was a Promoters dream! I could always count on her.!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Great Referees of the AWA and WWA!

The third man in the ring!
It's so easy to remember great ring stars and matches that we'll never forget.
At CPW we want to remember some of the great referees who Officiated those matches.
Connie Marker, "The Dean of Wrestling Referees"
Connie was always in motion and keeping his attention on the action as well as anticipating a Manager sneaking in with foreign objects or double teaming opponents, cheap shots.
Stan Sarbernack was the Chief of Police in Bridgeview Illinois, and an Instructor for Police Departments throughout the area. Stan would get the main events with Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher where it was a brawl with their opponents.
Percy Franklin was on of the few Black referees in business. Although he was straight and narrow and didn't take any guff, I was amazed when in the ring I saw him shake hands with "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan prior to the match.
Johnny Shorn was seen weekly for the WWA. He was a mainstay.
Henry Van Loon was booed I think in every match and announcement for not having eyes behind his head! Poor Henry would break up a hold but miss the Managers underhandedness going on next to him.
Bob Wingo was another ref booed!
Ralph Hamilton was one of my favorites in Indiana.
Ok, here he is Mike Figeroa!!!
The most popular/unpopular referee in the business!
Mike was very slow moving and methodical! Don't let that fool you, because what many fans did not know was Mike actually was a Professional Wrestler in his day!
The "Golden Boy" Paul Christy found out the hard way that you didn't mess with Mike!
Christy, in a early heated match, picked up Figeroa and place on the top turnbuckle so he could go after his opponent, but when Christys match was over and he made it back to the dressing ring, he had some splaing to to do! Mike walked up to Christy and pointed his finger almost touching Christy's nose, and said "If you ever put your hands on me again you'll never Wrestle in Illinois again!"
Christy apologized and was shocked that this man of little height, was a man with no fear and had plenty of Authority! They actually grew to be good friends over the years but Christy always respected Mike.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Shirley Strimple!!!!

The Wrestling Housewife!! Shirley was a lovely woman who proved she could run a house as well as run the ropes!
Hailing from Joplin Missouri.
Trained and once married to Roy McClarity, at 5'4 130 lbs Shirley was always up for any opponent that wanted to compete within the ring or her beauty.
Personally Shirley was my favorite Woman's Wrestler from the Golden Era.
Lorraine Johnson vs Shirley was certainly a treat for fans with battling beauties.
Shirley passed away in 1989.
When people say Shirley who? I let them know just who she was.
Shirley will always be remembered at Classic P
rofessional Wrestling!!!