Monday, May 18, 2015

Benito "Bouncing" Gardini!!!

From 1940-1956, Gardini wrestled in over 660 matches. The fans really didn't watch him to see if he would win, but watch him get bealed or hip tossed and bounce across the ring! He would bounce from one side to the other to the delight of the fans.
From Baltimore to Chicago's Marigold Arena, Benito took on greats like Roy McClarity and Desplaines Illinois own NWA Champion Walter Palmer!
Some call it a gimmick, but to the fans who were mainly immigrants Benito was a working mans hero!
We remember "Mr. Five by Five"!

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  1. I remember "Bouncing Benito:, Skyhigh Lee, Georgoius George, Wild Red Berry. to name a few... earky and mid 50'