Saturday, October 31, 2015

Olympic Auditorium!

You can almost here the great Jimmy Lennon sr announcing and Professional Wrestling Stars like Gorgeous George, Dick The Bruiser, John Tolos, Tom Rice and a young newbie named Roddy Piper!
Luche Libre was broadcast from this landmark in Spanish, but the ring announcements made by Jimmy Lennon were in English.
Home to great Boxing as well, the Olympic will always be remembered for Professional Wrestling from the days of Cal Eaton who married into the Lebell family.
A lot of history including a 22 man Battle Royal, which was in competition with Chicago when the Two Ring Battle Royal was held.
Yes RI9-5171 was the number to call for your seats at a great Professional Wrestling home!!
We remember, at CPW!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Cow Palace!

Continuing our tribute to great arenas and stadiums that were Home to Professional Wrestling!
San Francisco was packing the Cow Palace to main events with Ray Stevens, The Friars 1& 2, Tom Rice, who by the way worked Los Angeles as well. Don Joyce as well was in the 1960's era.
Excitement reigned through the 1970;s and was mentioned in the Original Version of The Wrestler.
Roy Shire was promoting shows that packed them in.
Ray Stevens vs Bruno Sammartino, Verne Gagne, and Cowboy Bob Ellis were top stars appearing here.
Joe Tamasso and even Japanese Star Mitsu Arakawa made their presence known at the Cow Palace.
Hopefully you're enjoying these great venues and next week we'll bring you more from around the country!
At Classic Professional Wrestling, we remember!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Philadelphia Arena!

I know the best Steak and Cheese are in the City of Brotherly Love, and so were some great venues for Professional Wrestling!
Market street was alive and well with fans waiting to see WWWF and NWA matches and stars like Stan Stasiak who in 1973 won the WWWF Championship!
This old arena had flavor, it was used for Roller Derby as well, and notable speakers were honored here with their presence.
While arenas today are massive, older arenas became part of the event and was home to the events.

Courtesy of, you can see the marquee  was very prominent for passerby's to see and get their tickets early.
Check us out next week as we travel around the country looking at these great homes to Professional Wrestling.
Many of the old stadiums and arenas have met the demolition ball, but they will live on here at Classic Professional Wrestling!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Great Professional Wrestling Venues!

Over the next few months I will discuss a home to Professional Wrestling across the USA.
Starting in my hometown of Chicago Illinois.
Four early arenas were The Parichy Ballroom, Rainbow Arena, Marigold Arena, and The International Amphitheater.
The Parichy Ballroom with Professional Wrestling on the second floor was a hot spot at Harrison and Harlem Avenue part of Forest Park.
Yes, today the Eisenhower I-290 goes past it.
Ballroom dancing was was the rage during the 20,s - 40;s. Professional Wrestling was in need of a home in Chicago and turned to The Parichy.
Keep in mind that this was a small venue but it brought some of the best talent in such as Johnny Moochy, The Bavarian Boys and one my fathers favorites, Bouncing Gardeni!!
Fred Kohler looked for larger venues, and when Gorgeous George and Dick The Bruiser were tops, they needed the larger arenas.
Carl Ekstrom from Oak Park could have walked from his Dance Studio!
So don't forget the Parichy as it was a convenient location and brought together some matches that will be remembered right here on Classic Professional Wrestling!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bobby Shane!

In only 29 years of life, Bobby Shane was on top in Professional Wrestling from 1965 - 1975! He defeated such greats as AWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel, Cowboy Bob Kelly, and The Stomper! No easy task taking on any one of these top stars!.
At 5,9 224 lbs, not the biggest Wrestlers in the ring, but he knew how to wrestle.
From West County in St. Louis Missouri, Bobby wrestled all over the world. The NWA was his main territory, and winning Championships such as The Mobile TV Title and Georgia TV Title.
Bobby's career was main event all the way.
On February 20th, 1975 Bobby was flying on a single engine plane piloted by Wrestler Buddy Colt. Due to poor weather conditions in Tampa, they diverted to Davis Island. The engine reportedly stalled while banking and crashed into 15' of water.
Hart, Colt, and Idol injured, swam to shore and called for help.
In a statement from Gordon Solie, Bobby's foot was pinned under the wreckage. He never made it out.
Contradictions, accusations, and various reports all came from this tragic crash.
It's my opinion Bobby's career would have no doubt continued to flourish.
Bobby Shane will always be remembered at Classic Professional Wrestling!