Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Cow Palace!

Continuing our tribute to great arenas and stadiums that were Home to Professional Wrestling!
San Francisco was packing the Cow Palace to main events with Ray Stevens, The Friars 1& 2, Tom Rice, who by the way worked Los Angeles as well. Don Joyce as well was in the 1960's era.
Excitement reigned through the 1970;s and was mentioned in the Original Version of The Wrestler.
Roy Shire was promoting shows that packed them in.
Ray Stevens vs Bruno Sammartino, Verne Gagne, and Cowboy Bob Ellis were top stars appearing here.
Joe Tamasso and even Japanese Star Mitsu Arakawa made their presence known at the Cow Palace.
Hopefully you're enjoying these great venues and next week we'll bring you more from around the country!
At Classic Professional Wrestling, we remember!!!

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