Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mitsu Arakawa!

One of the most hated Stars to enter the ring, Mitsu formed some rough Japanese Tag Teams.
In the WWA, Higo Hamigucci teamed with Mitsu.
Even before the match would start, the duo would get the fans angry by throwing salt into their corner of the ring to "Purify" the ring.
Somehow, they seem to keep some spare salt to throw into their opponents eyes as well!
They would take on teams like The Golden Boy Paul Christy and Yukon Moose Cholak, Wilbur Snyder and Sailor Art Thomas, Cowboy Bob Ellis and Pepper Gomez.
Mitsu defeated Dick The Bruiser in 1966 for the WWA World Heavyweight Championship.
Mitsu wrestled barefoot and would taunt his opponents, and the fans.
Before maintaining that hatered outside the ring,
keep in mind this tidbit.
World War II US Army Veteran Mitsu Arakawa served his country.
Later after his extensive ring career, Mitsu managed a restaurant in Indianapolis.
Mitsu passed away in 1997, but will always be remembered by Classic Professional Wrestling!