Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lucious Johnny Valiant!

When it comes to WWA  Tag Teams, The Valiant Brothers, Handsome Jimmy, Luscious Johnny, and Gentleman Jerry are at the top of anybody's list of Champions.
Handsome Jimmy, methodical, the thinker, and mover.
Luscious Johnny was the Explosive, snide, and quick lipped part of the arsenal.
John was comedic on the mic, quick and witty.
In the ring he loved to knuckle heads. with blonde hair flowing, usually full of blood after run ins with Dick The Bruiser.
Johnny had New York City written all over him.
Tough? You bet. He would scare a bulldog by growling at it!
When teamed with Jimmy, these guys flowed like a stream.
The WWWF called and Captain Lou Albano was waiting for them.
Personally, not my favorite time in their careers Yes, a lot of matches, but not the WWA and AWA Cards we loved in Chicago.
John later displayed his comedic ability y performing Stand Up Comedy on the New York Scene.
Tough? Yes! Funny? Yes! Johnny Valiant in or out of the ring was filling seats.
Photo courtesy of Wrestling Revue.