Friday, June 15, 2018

Promoter Bob Brooks, Scar and Manager Extraordinaire Meet and Greet!

Hey CPW fans, if you are in or near Central Illinois Saturday June 23rd, come out to the fair in Mclean Illinois!
CPW Promoter and Radio Host Bob Brooks,along with The Monster Scar and Manager Extraordinaire Donovan Taylor who manages Champions will be signing autographs and have photos,memorabilia for purchase!
We all know "Mr. Wilson" oops,Donovan Taylor loves to boast about his Tag Team Champions will be bragging no doubt!
So come out and meet us in person andhave fun at the fair!
I look forward to meeting CPW fans and we will talk Professional Wrestling!

Friday, April 6, 2018

The Valiant Brothers,managed by Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan!
This week we lost Luscious Johnny Valiant. Underated without a doubt.
He was rough and tough, and when the mic was on, he could throw insults and one liners rapid fire!
So add Handsome Jimmy and Bobby Heenan, across from Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher,or Bruno,or Sailor Art Thomas, wow!
New York City Daddy! Yes,NYC but Sacramento, Chicago,Indianapolis loved to hate The Valiant Brothers.  Theey were dirty, cheated,and got loud, and they filled the seats with fans.
Gentleman Jerry worked Canada, also was Santa Claus at the Mall during Christmas. Jimmy is still active and appears at CAC Cauliflower Alley Club.
I stay in touch with Jimmy, a longtime friend who is a Hall of Famer,no,not WWE, but Chicago Wrestling Hall of  Fame. Promoter Bob Luce directed it in the SE Corner of the Chicago International Amphitheatre 42nd and Halsted Streets.
At CPW we remember!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Crusher!

The Wrestler who made Milwaukee Famous,The Crusher!
Mention The Wotrlds Most Dangerous Wrestler Dick The Bruiser and you automatically think of his World Heavyweight Tag Team Championship days with The Crusher!
One of the toughest,strongest guys in Professional Wrestling, Crusher was the epitome of the working class. A bricklayer by trade, in 1949 he beccame a ring menace,destroying opponents and making paydays. His first match he made $5.00,but that sure changed over the years.
Here was a beer loving,cigar chomping Milwaukee hero!
He werstled bloody matches with Johnny Valentine. Valenting was tough as well,so these guys went all out!
Teaming with his beer drinking and cigar chomping cousin,The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler Dick The Bruiser! Viscous, bloody matches with The Vachons, Harley Race and Larry Hennig,The Chain Gang, The Blackkjacks,The Valiant Brothers, The Clawmater Baron Von Rascke!
Outside of the ring Crusher cared for the elderly and took a photo with a 104 year old woman whos dream was to meet him,and The Crusher would never ler her down! He was a family man,married to his wife Faye for 55 years! His son Larry was a AWA referee.
Some of the best interviews were don with The Great Announcer Mart Oneil!
This April a Statue to remember Milwaukees favorite son will be celebrated!

Friday, December 15, 2017

2017 is almost over!

But 2018 is on the way and we have a great line-up of Classic Ring Greats!
We highlight those forgotten Stars and give you the real deal and behind the scenes action!
Thank you for a great year and get ready to read about your favorites of the Golden Era of Professional Wrestling!
We'll start off 2018 with The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler Dick The Bruiser!!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Max Blue!

Ok,ok, you can't remember Max Blue. Bill Crouch might be in that same forgotten group.
Max Blue wrestled in the AWA, WWA, and WWF.
Usually in tag team matches with a variety of partners. Blue had his share of opening Matches.
Personally I enjoyed Max,s matches at the Amphitheater and spot shows.
Pleanty of those from Rockford,Kankakee, Gary Lew Wallace HS, Addison Trail.
Remember, to have a great card, even the opener has to be at its best.
So this week we remember Max Blue!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lucious Johnny Valiant!

When it comes to WWA  Tag Teams, The Valiant Brothers, Handsome Jimmy, Luscious Johnny, and Gentleman Jerry are at the top of anybody's list of Champions.
Handsome Jimmy, methodical, the thinker, and mover.
Luscious Johnny was the Explosive, snide, and quick lipped part of the arsenal.
John was comedic on the mic, quick and witty.
In the ring he loved to knuckle heads. with blonde hair flowing, usually full of blood after run ins with Dick The Bruiser.
Johnny had New York City written all over him.
Tough? You bet. He would scare a bulldog by growling at it!
When teamed with Jimmy, these guys flowed like a stream.
The WWWF called and Captain Lou Albano was waiting for them.
Personally, not my favorite time in their careers Yes, a lot of matches, but not the WWA and AWA Cards we loved in Chicago.
John later displayed his comedic ability y performing Stand Up Comedy on the New York Scene.
Tough? Yes! Funny? Yes! Johnny Valiant in or out of the ring was filling seats.
Photo courtesy of Wrestling Revue.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Promoter Bob Brooks 2017!!!

Wow! We are ready to go with a whole new season of Classic Professional Wrestling! If you are new to the page we welcome you! If you are a loyal fan we thank you for your continude support!
This page is dedicated to Professional Wrestling Greats of the past as well as  Promoters, referees,timekeepers,ring announcers,Commentators,Ring Set up crews,and all those who took part in making history.
We remember is ore than a slogan,it is a heartfelt dedication to all involved, and especiall the fans who made it all possible!
This page focuses on AWA and WWA, NWA both National Wrestling Association and Alliance, WWWF, Mid Atlantic, Central States, Southwest Championship Wrestling, World Champioship Wrestling (Texas), IWA, Detroit Big Time Wrestling, Florida Championship Wrestling, WCW, and many more.
If you have a Wrestler prior to 1980 you would featured, please leave us a message.
This page was created by TSW Promoter Bob Brooks from Chicago and Ms. Melissa (The Queen of The Ring), who mad this page and our Radio Program a success.
Lets remember together!