Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bobby Shane!

In only 29 years of life, Bobby Shane was on top in Professional Wrestling from 1965 - 1975! He defeated such greats as AWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel, Cowboy Bob Kelly, and The Stomper! No easy task taking on any one of these top stars!.
At 5,9 224 lbs, not the biggest Wrestlers in the ring, but he knew how to wrestle.
From West County in St. Louis Missouri, Bobby wrestled all over the world. The NWA was his main territory, and winning Championships such as The Mobile TV Title and Georgia TV Title.
Bobby's career was main event all the way.
On February 20th, 1975 Bobby was flying on a single engine plane piloted by Wrestler Buddy Colt. Due to poor weather conditions in Tampa, they diverted to Davis Island. The engine reportedly stalled while banking and crashed into 15' of water.
Hart, Colt, and Idol injured, swam to shore and called for help.
In a statement from Gordon Solie, Bobby's foot was pinned under the wreckage. He never made it out.
Contradictions, accusations, and various reports all came from this tragic crash.
It's my opinion Bobby's career would have no doubt continued to flourish.
Bobby Shane will always be remembered at Classic Professional Wrestling!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kay Noble Tough Competitor!

Although we lost Kay in 2006, her memories of a ring flier will live on! Kay was a lovely woman, but in the squared circle, she would snarl and went after her opponents with ferocity!
Born in St Joseph Missouri, Kay was popular in Amarillo Texas and promoters looked forward to booking her. She worked the Central States Region and became the Women's Champion!
She was a high flying wrestler who went to the air to take down her foes.
Kay worked hard at her craft and took the ring seriously.
Kay was respected by her partners and opponents.
In 1971 she was the Woman Wrestler of the year!
When Kay retired she operated a
upholstery shop and devoted much of her time to children with cancer at the local hospital.
Kay Noble, remembered always at Classic Professional Wrestling!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Heather Feather!

Yes, the elusive Heather Feather who wrestled in Detroit and was seen in the movie I Like To Hurt People!
She came to fame by demanding equal rights for Women Wrestlers.
After wrestling a bear Heather won her chance to Wrestle and defeat a man!
Heather wrestled in Detroit in the 1970's and Wrestled in the Southern States as well.
Heather Feather quietly slipped into obscurity. Several sightings have come in stating she works at a gas station in Detroit, while others say she drove a Airport Shuttle Bus...
Regardless of her whereabouts, we know that Heather chased her dreams and achieved her goals.
At Classic Professional Wrestling
we will always remember Heather Feather!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1st 1972 Soldiers Field Cage Match!

September 1, 1972 Soldiers Field Chicago Illinois! Perhaps one of the bloodiest matches ever in the Windy City!
In one corner, The Blackjacks. Mulligan at 310 lbs from Sweetwater Texas! Lanza at 275lbs from Albuquerque New Mexico, and The Manager, at 230 lbs from Beverly Hills California, "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan!
Their opponents, at 252 lbs, "The Wrestler who made Milwaukee Famous" The Crusher!
and weighing in at 259 lbs, from Reno Nevada, "The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler" Dick The Bruiser!
The third man in the ring, Heavyweight Boxing Champion "Jersey" Joe Wolcott Referee!
The epitome of Cage Matches! Promoter Bob Luce pulled off the venue need for this once in a lifetime card!
Yes, this was it, the match where Bobby Heenan was beaten so bad he was vomiting in the ring!
My friend Blackjack Mulligan told me on CPW Radio, the air was cold coming off of Lake Michigan because of the repairs going on at Soldiers Field.
This was priceless and remembered as the best cage match ever!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Don Greene! 1/2 of The Greene Brothers!

In 2014 we lost Don Greene.
Don worked in the South under Nick Gulas. Teaming up with "Brother" Al Greene as The Greene Brothers and late as The Heavenly Bodies.
Don worked for the NWA throughout Georgia and with Al formed a rough tag team, defeating The Interns and The Garvins.
Don owned a Appliance Store in Nashville TN and worked for the Metro Sheriffs Department.
In his personal life Don was the Deacon of his church for many years and known as a nice man to so man who knew him.
At Classic Professional Wrestling we remember Don Greene!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ravishing Race Bannon!!

Chicago's Very Own "Ravishing" Race Bannon
 a 70's Mat Great in Chicago donned his tights and boots to take on opponents like the late Olympic Great Chris Taylor.
Teaming up with Tom Demarco, Race went up against the 500 lb Taylor in a handicap match.
Although enjoying an easier life outside of the ring. Race

 spends most of his time in the Great Northwest.
 took on all comers and with beautiful ring attire is certainly remembered here at Classic Professional Wrestling as Chicago's Very Own!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Roddy Piper! Olympic Auditorium Days!

We lost yet another May Star. I want to give a different view of Piper rather than WWF Era.
Roddy Piper during the Mid Seventies Wrestled in Luche Libra at the Olypic Auditorium.
In Chicago, Lucha Libra was on Channel 26 WCIU TV. The announcers would speak Spanish announcing matches with Stars like Black Gordman and Goliath, yet a young American Star was making noise and building a road to fame.
Piper was bizzare to some, a little "Off", yet fans could relate to him.
He stood up to so called tough guys and educated them on being streetwise.
Afterall, to wear a Kilt into the ring took someone a little off and tough!
Rather than Pipers Pit, I know I'll always remember Piper being introduced by The Great Jimmy Lennon Sr at The Olympic Auditorium.
Not many things come with a Guarantee but if you were a fan, you could be guaranteed  that you never knew what to expect from him.
Piper always gave his best and the fans appreciated it.
We'll say goodbye to this ring veteran, but he will not be forgotten on CPW