Saturday, April 25, 2015

Here we go!! Johnny Moochy!!

Johnny Moochy wrestled throughout the Midwest, Chicago at the Parichy Ballroom at Harlem and Harrison, and throughout his billed home state of Wisconsin.
Names like Rudy Kay and The Bavarian Boys, Johnny Moochy, and Bouncing Gardini were mainstays for Fred Kohler.

You asked for it!!!

Here he is!! Chest Bernard! Recently a post of a match between Dick The Bruiser The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler and Chest Bernard was put on youtube.
Now we've been getting requests for him so here he is!
Not to be confused with Brute Bernard, Chest Bernard wrestled mainly in Chicago and Iowa during the mid fifties.
If you have a classic wrestler you remember but can't find, let us know!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thank you Fans from Promoter Bob Brooks! 11,000 views soon!

Thank you to my Classic Professional Wrestling Radio Show Sidekick Ms. Melissa for putting this page together!
And 11,000 page views by dedicated Classic Professional Wrestling Fans like you make this the best page to get the REAL DEAL from the Mat Greats themselves and those in the business.
I really enjoy bringing you these greats so tell your friends to check us out!!

WWA Manager Mark Manson!

WWA Manager Mark Manson! Hailing from Haight Ashbury District in San Francisco!
Mark managed The Graduates, comprised of Angelo Poffo and Kenny Dillinger!
I remember a Sunday Night watching Mark on Bob Luce with his "Voodoo Cane"! Bob and Mark couldn't keep straight faces and it was funny to see a Heel in this spot!
Mark may not have been recognized as the caliber of "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan, but he did make the interviews and Bob Luce Wrestling worth remembering for years.
I would like to mention the Legendary TV Commentators Mr. Bob Elson and sportscaster Al Learner were a part of Bob's weekly shows.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hartbeat Radio!

Don't miss Promoter Bob Brooks on Tuesday evenings with Bruce Hart from Calgary and "Cowboy" Johnny Mantell!
I will be bringing special guests such as The Original Assassin!
 "Beautiful" Bobby Harmon who was Managed by Abdullah Farouk!
Many other Classic Mat Greats will join us as well, so stay tuned!!

Yukon Eric!

A gentle giant who had many stories told about him, some true some ,well ....
While many remember his convertible, some remember hearing he only drank milk and was criticized, or some focus on his death.
I like to look at his career as all of these, kinda like a folk hero.
A true tough man, he like to boast his large chest and plaid shirt.
He did wrestle in the WWA and was also famous if you will for having part of his ear torn of by Killer Kowalski.
This is why I say his career was made of up of many components, and sad that some were not good.
I think the best part is too remember him and not be stuck on any one portion, because to do so really doesn't show the whole picture.
To truly enjoy his talents, put together the whole package.
He died in January 1965, but not his legacy.

Saturday, January 3, 2015