Saturday, January 21, 2017


The New Year is hear, a new President, and Great Posts are coming!!
Starting this week we will bring you the best in Classic professional Wrestling!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mitsu Arakawa!

One of the most hated Stars to enter the ring, Mitsu formed some rough Japanese Tag Teams.
In the WWA, Higo Hamigucci teamed with Mitsu.
Even before the match would start, the duo would get the fans angry by throwing salt into their corner of the ring to "Purify" the ring.
Somehow, they seem to keep some spare salt to throw into their opponents eyes as well!
They would take on teams like The Golden Boy Paul Christy and Yukon Moose Cholak, Wilbur Snyder and Sailor Art Thomas, Cowboy Bob Ellis and Pepper Gomez.
Mitsu defeated Dick The Bruiser in 1966 for the WWA World Heavyweight Championship.
Mitsu wrestled barefoot and would taunt his opponents, and the fans.
Before maintaining that hatered outside the ring,
keep in mind this tidbit.
World War II US Army Veteran Mitsu Arakawa served his country.
Later after his extensive ring career, Mitsu managed a restaurant in Indianapolis.
Mitsu passed away in 1997, but will always be remembered by Classic Professional Wrestling!

Monday, October 31, 2016

We hit 20000 Pageviews! Thank you to all our fans!!!

Thanks to all you fans who check our page! I also want to say thank you to all the great Professional Wrestling Stars who we were able to remember and bring back into the ring lights!
The main purpose for this site is to remember all of the Stars, whether main Event or Opener.
From the beginning up to Sports Entertainment, we remember!
We also will never forget the other Promoters, Ring Announcers, Timekeepers, and Referees who made Professional Wrestling the best Sport ever!
I have been so fortunate to have known so many in the business. Many of the ring greats are no longer with us, but never forgotten.
I was privileged to be a Licensed Professional Wrestling Promoter in Chicago Illinois.
Promoter herb Simmons of East Carondolet Illinois with The Golden Boy Paul Christy had enough confidence in me to recommend me to the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation for the License to promote Cards.
The Officials, Nick Kerasotes, Frank, Pat all treated me with respect and I enjoyed a relationship with them that was outstanding.
At TSW Tri State Wrestling, I was so fortunate to have Ring Greats as Champions.
Our Heavyweight Champions Spike Huber, and The Golden Boy Paul Christy.
TSW Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, The Fabulous Kelly Brothers, and Misty Dawn, TSW Woman's Champion!
My son The BBM Ballistic Brent Myers has been in the business, as a Professional Wrestler, Promoter, and member of The Cauliflower Alley Club.
We can both be heard on Hartbeat Radio with WWE Great Bruce Hart, and our Pal and Canada's Very Own Bob Johnson.
I am saddened by the Wrestlers who have passed on. Dick The Bruiser, The Crusher, Blackjack Mulligan, The Fabulous Ox Baker, Promoter Brad Davis, and so many others.
CPW will continue to bring to the real deal, not Wiki anything.
You, the fans, deserve to know about your Ring Favorites, and CPW will strive to get timely information and lead the Sport when it comes to breaking news.
Not the hype, but as Sgt Joe Friday would say, Just The Facts!
Thank you, and please continue to visit and shre with your friends and family.
Promoter Bob Brooks.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

WWA's Prince Pullins!!

Yes it's Prince Pullins this week. Talk about a guy who stayed in shape, next to Sailor Art Thomas Prince was there!
Prince worked opening matches, and Mid cards generally, until Dick The bruiser chose him as a tag Team partner against The Blackjacks!
Now, lets get the story straight. Prince trained Princess Jasmine and was not her husband or even boyfriend.
Dick wanted her trained and prince did just that.
Billed from Kingston Jamaica, he actually worked mainly in the AWA and WWA Promotions.
If you watch matches as closely as I do, you will see in a match with Tom Demarco that during the ring announcement by the great Tom Mathis, Referee Paul Mischler (Who used to be a professional Wrestler!) is checking the wrestlers prior to the match. You can see Paul ask Prince how are you ad Prince saying he is doing ok and pats Paul on the shoulders in a friendly gesture.
In my opinion if I can copy off the legendary Sam Menacker, he was a gentleman outside of the ring.
I always felt Prince enjoyed wrestling, exchanging holds, and really just enjoyed the sport.
Oooh, I used that word!
So this week we remember a Prince who brought good clean matches to fans wherever he stepped int the ring.
And speaking of that, he stepped in their with a lot of tough guys, The Blackjacks, Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan, Mitsu Arakawa, and Handsome Jimmy Valiant!!
My sources have Prince passing away in 2006.
The Prince will always be remembered here, at Classic Professional Wrestling!
Photo courtesy of Wrestling Revue.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Labor Day and a hard working man!

Steve "Mr. Electricity" Regal! I've known Steve for many years. He came in for me in LaPorte Indiana and did a great job of running the locker rooms.
Steve was a WWA Star and AWA.
Steve went over to the WWF but lacked the behemoth size Vince was operating with at the time.
Steve was Wilbur Snyder's (The Worlds most Scientific Wrestler) son-n-law.
From time to time he would tag with Dick The Bruisers son-n-law Spike Huber!
Later he would team with Jimmy Garvin.
My opinion was that Steve never got the "Big Push" He should have got in at
Vince's earlier with his background and Dick The Bruiser.
Politics play a big part and I feel Steve was never given a break like he should have.
Steve "Mr. Electricity" Regal, remembered at CPW!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

"The Wrestling Beatle"!!

No, its not The British Invasion! No Brexit jokes please.
While four young guys with Mops for hairdos were making girls scream and Ed Sullivan made the headlines, another young man was in the Ring as the Wrestling Beatle.
My old buddy Bob Sabre, a Chicago Mainstay, prompted by Dick The Bruiser to do his part and bring in the fans as The Wrestling Beatle.
Bob was a trainer and in my opinion a good one.
As this Mop haired Wrestler did make a few stops, even in Toronto,
That was George Ringo's final appearance in Toronto. He had wrestled at Maple Leaf Gardens twice in 1964, defeating  Firpo Zbyszko (Sept. 10) and Duke Noble.
A promotional idea that didn't happen, was to say that Jayne Mansfield would accompany The Wrestling Beatle to the ring. She of course was killed in a fatal car accident at only age 34 in 1967.
While bob may not have had the fame of the Beatles, or lucky enough to have Jayne in his corner, Bob Sabre The Wrestling Beatle will always be remembered at Classic Professional Wrestling!
Photo: Wrestling Revue.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ada Ash and Ohio Favorite!

This week we look back at one of the toughest women in the square circle but outside of Professional Wrestling as well.
While most young women of her time were challenging life and work, Ada was lifting horses, wrestling crocodiles, and yes, Wrestling bears!
Ada Ash was not afraid to get into the ring with opponents larger than her and she proved it in over 171 matches.
Of course I had my favorite matches and that was with Shirley Strimple, "The Wrestling Housewife!
She's had her head busted open, and reportedly, in a match against Nell Stewart she inadvertently fell out of the ring onto the floor injuring her spine!
Ada was trained by a few ring veterans, one being her husband Al Szasz who was well known in the San Francisco area during the 30's.
So many of todays Divas who grace the TV screen should be first to remember Stars like Ada Ash who were true Professional Wrestling Stars of the early days.
At CPW we remember greats like Ada Ash!