Monday, July 21, 2014

"The General"

Skandor Akbar! Wold Class Championship Wrestling fans will remember the General.
Shamefully, when surveys on websites ask for favorite Managers, the same names seem to appear. This is is fine, except to leave out a colorful and well known Professional Wrestling Mainstay like "The General" is really sad.
The Dastardly Akbar always kept the fans mad at him. He had damage to his car many times, yet he took it in stride as part of the business.
Whether he managed a legend or a green new to the area kid, Akbar took the time to actually Managed him. Mentor him.
He was known as an honest man whose word was good enough for any deal.
A very frugal man, often mentioned in the same breath as "Wild" Red Berry.
So if you get a chance to be a part of some groups question of the day as to who is one of the greatest Managers, go on, tell them. because truly Skandor Abar deserves to be remembered, and he will, on Classic Professional Wrestling with Promoter Bob Brooks!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Mysterious Masked Tag Team Greats! JC Dykes and The Infernoes!

Like him or hate him JC Dykes brought The Infernoes to the Top! They were Tag Team Champions and reaked havoc across the South! Promoter Nick Gulas recognized their potential.
JC Dykes and his Jazzbow Tie added Class as they stormed across the Volunteer State and Alabama!

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Blackjacks and "Prettyboy Bobby Heenan!

The Feared Blackjacks Mulligan and Lanza Managed by "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan!
Blackjack Mulligan will make a rare appearance on Classic Professional Wrestling Radio this Fall! Stay tuned here for updates and times!
Blackjack Mulligan, a tough Marine who was at Chi Chi Jima and feared in the Wrestling Ring!

Beautiful Bobby Harmon and The Grand Wizard!

Beautiful Bobby Harmon Managed by The Grand Wizard of Wrestling!
Bobby will be a guest this fall on Classic Professional Wrestling Radio!!
Matches against opponents such as The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler Dick The Bruiser and Andre The Giant!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Te Passing of one of the All Time Great Tag Teams member Joe Turner!

The Intern # 2 Joe Turner has passed away. The Original Intens raveged rings throughout the ulf Coast States and later Central States under Dr Ken Ramey.
With "Chops" and a Mask, Joe teamed with Bill Bowman to become a Mysterious Masked Tag Team who would take the Gulf States Tag Team Championships on four occassions!
Joe was the brother-n-law of Dennis Condery.
The Medics and The Interns drew heat everywhere they went.
Jim, Starr, Billy Garrett, and my good friend Tom Andrews were Interns Managed by another friend of mind, Dr Ken Ramey.
Our sincere condolences and heartfelt symphothy go out to Joes family and freinds from Promoter Bob Brooks and Classic Professional Wrestling.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Assassins!

Two of the roughest and most feared Masked Tag teams ever!
Two legitimate tough guys who mowed down opponent's everywhere they went!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shirley Strimple!

Shirley was a lovely and rough Woman Wrestler. She had opponents like Ella Waldek, Penny Banner, and Mary Jane Mull!
Shirley balanced her beauty and skills in the business.
Married to Roy Mclarity.
Nicknamed the Wrestling Housewife, she was way ahead of her time.
One can only imagine if Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield had not been around, Shirley would have certainly took center stage!
Classic Professional Wrestling remembers Joplin Missouri's
 Very Own!