Friday, December 11, 2015

Bobby Davis!

One of my favorite Managers was this man, Bobby Davis.
He was injured and his neck injury turned his life around.
Bobby became a Manager and most everyone will remember him for being "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers Manager.
The WWWF was home for Bobby but he was truly known in Ohio. Bobby managed a legendary Tag Team in Magnificent Maurice and Handsome Johnny Berand. as well as Johnny Valentine and Eddie and Jerry Graham.
I always felt Bobby was underated and was much more deserving of press.
Yes, Bobby and Dave Thomas were always said to be one in the same! What do you think? Dave was a pretty sturdy fella.
You make the call, but so long as we always remember Bobby Davis!

I wonder if he turns out a Nifty Cheeseburger?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Chief Billy Red Cloud!

WWA Star Chief Billy Red Cloud was a fan favorite and in the WWA as well.
Red Cloud competed against all comers, and in 1972 became WWA World Heavyweight Champion defeating The Clawmaster Baron von Raschke!
Red Cloud set a milestone by competing in the first Chain Match in the AWA with Mad Dog Vachon!
Although most fans remember him teaming with Bobby Bold Eagle in the WWA, he actually was Wrestling in the 1950's and winning the Hawaii  NWA Tag Team Championship with Utica Panther.
Billy's famous Tomahawk Chop took down many opponents over the years, but in his early years he had a mean piledriver.
Here is The Chief with The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler Dick The Bruiser and Announcer Great Sam Menacker!!
Chief Billy Red Cloud passed away in October of 1994, but will always be remembered here with his fans at Classic Professional Wrestling!

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Great Champion and Longtime friend Passes away!!

Again, sad news on my phone at 4am with the loss of AWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkle.
Nick was the former President of the Cauliflower Alley Club and one of the most respected men in professional Wrestling.
I enjoyed seeing him at the CAC in Las Vegas, and chatting on the phone with him.
Nick appeared on my Classic professional Wrestling Radio Show and we talked AWA for hours.
Originally from St Louis, and then Minneapolis, before moving on to Las Vegas, Nick was just a fun person to be around, and such a mentor to those of us willing to absorb the vast knowledge he would share.
His Dad, Warren Bockwinkle was one of the greats in Professional Wrestling, which gave nick a lot of the passion for the business.
Teaming with Ray "The Crippler" Stevens to win The AWA Heavyweight Tag Team Championship, Managed by the one and only :Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan!
They formed a tough Tag Team taking on Dick The Bruiser and the Crusher, The High Flyers, and what seemed like every week they worked over tag teams in front of Marty O'Neill, Roger Kent, and Rod Trungard, Wally Karbo.
Nick was a humble man who shared the spotlight even as The AWA Heavyweight Champion, he gave credit to Bobby, Verne, and Wally, AWA, Stanley Blackburn, and his fans!
Yes, even though he was a "Heel", Nick had the Bockwinkle Brigade! A Fan Club, and fans in Japan.
I told Nick about a time at The Chicago International Amphitheatre where Nick, Ray, and Bobby Heenan who was hiding under a tarp in the back of Nicks Station Wagon.
I was near the bay door when it went up after a card, and while fans were at another exit, I was starring at Nick who had a look of Please Don't Give Us Away, so I nodded, and they proceeded without notice. Nick told me he always appreciated that because Chicago fans would have been all over them.
I know so many people in and out of the business have stories to share, but I will cherish the time I was friends with Nick, and the things I learned from him.
Very sad to lose Nick and  our sympathy goes out to his wife and family.
You'll always be remembered at Classic Professional Wrestling my friend!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Loss of Don Fargo, The Chain Gang!

Again we have lost a tough guy in the World of Professional Wrestling!
Don Fargo, 1/2 of The Chain Gang and Legionnaires passed away in Pensacola Florida this past weekend, November 8th, 2015.
I had the pleasure of Co Hosting Hartbeat Radio and Don was our guest.
I asked Don to talk about the AWA and WWA Days in Chicago and Indianapolis.
He obliged us and was more than happy to talk about the matches against Dick The Bruiser and all of the great stars of the 50.s, 60's and 70's.
In 1969 they defeated Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher and later would defeat Dick The Bruiser and Yukon Moose Cholak for The WWA World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles!
He was a legitimate tough guy, but a man who didn't toot his own horn, or turn on the business.
The Chain Gang were infamous for the Wisconsin melee where they got into a bar fight with real bikers who shot Kenny Mack (Frank Dillinger) in the leg which ended his career.
Don went back to the WWA and teamed with "Sgt" Jacques Goulet and formed The Legionnaires.
Don was honored by the CAC (Cauliflower Alley Club) in 2004.
Although we have lost another great, Don will always be remembered here at Classic Professional Wrestling!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Dynamite Dick Dunn!

From the 50,s through the 70's Dick Dunn was a mainstay in Alabama and the Gulf States.
Holding the Gulf States Heavyweight Championship seven times!
He was 1/2 of The Gulf States Heavyweight Tag Team Chamions, and teamed with Don Carson of The Grapplers!
Dick was was a handsome wrestler who stormed through the Gulf Coast States.

Dick was from Nashville early on and then made his home in Alabama.
At Classic Professional Wrestling we remember Gulf States Heavyweight Champion Dick Dunn!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Olympic Auditorium!

You can almost here the great Jimmy Lennon sr announcing and Professional Wrestling Stars like Gorgeous George, Dick The Bruiser, John Tolos, Tom Rice and a young newbie named Roddy Piper!
Luche Libre was broadcast from this landmark in Spanish, but the ring announcements made by Jimmy Lennon were in English.
Home to great Boxing as well, the Olympic will always be remembered for Professional Wrestling from the days of Cal Eaton who married into the Lebell family.
A lot of history including a 22 man Battle Royal, which was in competition with Chicago when the Two Ring Battle Royal was held.
Yes RI9-5171 was the number to call for your seats at a great Professional Wrestling home!!
We remember, at CPW!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Cow Palace!

Continuing our tribute to great arenas and stadiums that were Home to Professional Wrestling!
San Francisco was packing the Cow Palace to main events with Ray Stevens, The Friars 1& 2, Tom Rice, who by the way worked Los Angeles as well. Don Joyce as well was in the 1960's era.
Excitement reigned through the 1970;s and was mentioned in the Original Version of The Wrestler.
Roy Shire was promoting shows that packed them in.
Ray Stevens vs Bruno Sammartino, Verne Gagne, and Cowboy Bob Ellis were top stars appearing here.
Joe Tamasso and even Japanese Star Mitsu Arakawa made their presence known at the Cow Palace.
Hopefully you're enjoying these great venues and next week we'll bring you more from around the country!
At Classic Professional Wrestling, we remember!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Philadelphia Arena!

I know the best Steak and Cheese are in the City of Brotherly Love, and so were some great venues for Professional Wrestling!
Market street was alive and well with fans waiting to see WWWF and NWA matches and stars like Stan Stasiak who in 1973 won the WWWF Championship!
This old arena had flavor, it was used for Roller Derby as well, and notable speakers were honored here with their presence.
While arenas today are massive, older arenas became part of the event and was home to the events.

Courtesy of, you can see the marquee  was very prominent for passerby's to see and get their tickets early.
Check us out next week as we travel around the country looking at these great homes to Professional Wrestling.
Many of the old stadiums and arenas have met the demolition ball, but they will live on here at Classic Professional Wrestling!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Great Professional Wrestling Venues!

Over the next few months I will discuss a home to Professional Wrestling across the USA.
Starting in my hometown of Chicago Illinois.
Four early arenas were The Parichy Ballroom, Rainbow Arena, Marigold Arena, and The International Amphitheater.
The Parichy Ballroom with Professional Wrestling on the second floor was a hot spot at Harrison and Harlem Avenue part of Forest Park.
Yes, today the Eisenhower I-290 goes past it.
Ballroom dancing was was the rage during the 20,s - 40;s. Professional Wrestling was in need of a home in Chicago and turned to The Parichy.
Keep in mind that this was a small venue but it brought some of the best talent in such as Johnny Moochy, The Bavarian Boys and one my fathers favorites, Bouncing Gardeni!!
Fred Kohler looked for larger venues, and when Gorgeous George and Dick The Bruiser were tops, they needed the larger arenas.
Carl Ekstrom from Oak Park could have walked from his Dance Studio!
So don't forget the Parichy as it was a convenient location and brought together some matches that will be remembered right here on Classic Professional Wrestling!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bobby Shane!

In only 29 years of life, Bobby Shane was on top in Professional Wrestling from 1965 - 1975! He defeated such greats as AWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel, Cowboy Bob Kelly, and The Stomper! No easy task taking on any one of these top stars!.
At 5,9 224 lbs, not the biggest Wrestlers in the ring, but he knew how to wrestle.
From West County in St. Louis Missouri, Bobby wrestled all over the world. The NWA was his main territory, and winning Championships such as The Mobile TV Title and Georgia TV Title.
Bobby's career was main event all the way.
On February 20th, 1975 Bobby was flying on a single engine plane piloted by Wrestler Buddy Colt. Due to poor weather conditions in Tampa, they diverted to Davis Island. The engine reportedly stalled while banking and crashed into 15' of water.
Hart, Colt, and Idol injured, swam to shore and called for help.
In a statement from Gordon Solie, Bobby's foot was pinned under the wreckage. He never made it out.
Contradictions, accusations, and various reports all came from this tragic crash.
It's my opinion Bobby's career would have no doubt continued to flourish.
Bobby Shane will always be remembered at Classic Professional Wrestling!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kay Noble Tough Competitor!

Although we lost Kay in 2006, her memories of a ring flier will live on! Kay was a lovely woman, but in the squared circle, she would snarl and went after her opponents with ferocity!
Born in St Joseph Missouri, Kay was popular in Amarillo Texas and promoters looked forward to booking her. She worked the Central States Region and became the Women's Champion!
She was a high flying wrestler who went to the air to take down her foes.
Kay worked hard at her craft and took the ring seriously.
Kay was respected by her partners and opponents.
In 1971 she was the Woman Wrestler of the year!
When Kay retired she operated a
upholstery shop and devoted much of her time to children with cancer at the local hospital.
Kay Noble, remembered always at Classic Professional Wrestling!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Heather Feather!

Yes, the elusive Heather Feather who wrestled in Detroit and was seen in the movie I Like To Hurt People!
She came to fame by demanding equal rights for Women Wrestlers.
After wrestling a bear Heather won her chance to Wrestle and defeat a man!
Heather wrestled in Detroit in the 1970's and Wrestled in the Southern States as well.
Heather Feather quietly slipped into obscurity. Several sightings have come in stating she works at a gas station in Detroit, while others say she drove a Airport Shuttle Bus...
Regardless of her whereabouts, we know that Heather chased her dreams and achieved her goals.
At Classic Professional Wrestling
we will always remember Heather Feather!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1st 1972 Soldiers Field Cage Match!

September 1, 1972 Soldiers Field Chicago Illinois! Perhaps one of the bloodiest matches ever in the Windy City!
In one corner, The Blackjacks. Mulligan at 310 lbs from Sweetwater Texas! Lanza at 275lbs from Albuquerque New Mexico, and The Manager, at 230 lbs from Beverly Hills California, "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan!
Their opponents, at 252 lbs, "The Wrestler who made Milwaukee Famous" The Crusher!
and weighing in at 259 lbs, from Reno Nevada, "The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler" Dick The Bruiser!
The third man in the ring, Heavyweight Boxing Champion "Jersey" Joe Wolcott Referee!
The epitome of Cage Matches! Promoter Bob Luce pulled off the venue need for this once in a lifetime card!
Yes, this was it, the match where Bobby Heenan was beaten so bad he was vomiting in the ring!
My friend Blackjack Mulligan told me on CPW Radio, the air was cold coming off of Lake Michigan because of the repairs going on at Soldiers Field.
This was priceless and remembered as the best cage match ever!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Don Greene! 1/2 of The Greene Brothers!

In 2014 we lost Don Greene.
Don worked in the South under Nick Gulas. Teaming up with "Brother" Al Greene as The Greene Brothers and late as The Heavenly Bodies.
Don worked for the NWA throughout Georgia and with Al formed a rough tag team, defeating The Interns and The Garvins.
Don owned a Appliance Store in Nashville TN and worked for the Metro Sheriffs Department.
In his personal life Don was the Deacon of his church for many years and known as a nice man to so man who knew him.
At Classic Professional Wrestling we remember Don Greene!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ravishing Race Bannon!!

Chicago's Very Own "Ravishing" Race Bannon
 a 70's Mat Great in Chicago donned his tights and boots to take on opponents like the late Olympic Great Chris Taylor.
Teaming up with Tom Demarco, Race went up against the 500 lb Taylor in a handicap match.
Although enjoying an easier life outside of the ring. Race

 spends most of his time in the Great Northwest.
 took on all comers and with beautiful ring attire is certainly remembered here at Classic Professional Wrestling as Chicago's Very Own!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Roddy Piper! Olympic Auditorium Days!

We lost yet another May Star. I want to give a different view of Piper rather than WWF Era.
Roddy Piper during the Mid Seventies Wrestled in Luche Libra at the Olypic Auditorium.
In Chicago, Lucha Libra was on Channel 26 WCIU TV. The announcers would speak Spanish announcing matches with Stars like Black Gordman and Goliath, yet a young American Star was making noise and building a road to fame.
Piper was bizzare to some, a little "Off", yet fans could relate to him.
He stood up to so called tough guys and educated them on being streetwise.
Afterall, to wear a Kilt into the ring took someone a little off and tough!
Rather than Pipers Pit, I know I'll always remember Piper being introduced by The Great Jimmy Lennon Sr at The Olympic Auditorium.
Not many things come with a Guarantee but if you were a fan, you could be guaranteed  that you never knew what to expect from him.
Piper always gave his best and the fans appreciated it.
We'll say goodbye to this ring veteran, but he will not be forgotten on CPW


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Beautiful" Bobby Harmon!!!

One of my favorites from Detroit Big Time Wrestling! Bobby wrestled "The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler" Dick The Bruiser!! Andre The Giant! He starred in the movie "I Like To Hurt People"!!
Managed by none other than The Grand Wizard, Bobby had been ahead of his time by using entrance music on his way to the ring!
I am fortunate enough to stay in touch with Bobby and reminisce about the Classics.
Bobby had exquisite robes that were just stunning!
Bobby has been my guest on CPW Radio and gave so much insight and stories behind the seens.
Thanks Bobby for being a friend. You are remembered as one of the All Time Greats in Professional Wrestling!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan!

Ok fans, you asked and asked so here he is!
You asked me for the real deal so here it is.
Heenan was born in Chicago and grew up in Indianapolis. He broke into Professional Wrestling in a very hard way. He sold Popcorn at the matches, cut Promoters lawns, washed cars, and payed his dues over and over.
I realize most fans think he is a coward, and runs away from most of his opponents.
I can assure you Bobby Heenan was not afraid of anybody.
Bobby wrestled an out of control passenger on an Airline with some assistance from AWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkle.
BH managed some top tag teams and individuals.
From The Devils Duo(Angelo Poffo & Chris Markoff), The Blackjacks (Mulligan & Lanza), The Valiant Brothers, Baron Von Rashcke & Big Cat Ernie Ladd, to Nick Bockwinkle and Ray Stevens!
 He brought Championships in both Tag Teams and Heavyweight Champions!
BH filled arenas for the WWA & AWA!
Opponents galore! Dick The Bruiser & The Crusher, Yukon Moose Cholak, Cowboy Bob Ellis,Wilbur Snyder, Pepper Gomez, and AWA heavyweight Champion Verne Gagne!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cora Combs dead at age 92!

Another loss to the world of Professional Wrestling! Cora Combs passed away Sunday in Nashville.
From matches with Lorraine Johnson and hundreds more, Cora and Debbie Combs are household names in Nashville.
Trained under the Tutilage of Billy Wolfe, whom she met through Promoter Nick Gulas in Nashville.
Cora was in aw of Mildred Burke.
Cora was known for being one of the best dressed Lady Wrestlers in the ring.
We at CPW are saddened by her loss, but will remember Cora and for all she did for the fans and the business.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The WWE Announced that Dusty Rhodes passed away today at the age of 69.
Rhodes and Dick Murdoch were an AWA Tag Team that was hated and loved by fans!
Dusty Rhodes was the working mans man. As with The Crusher, fans who worked construction, drove trucks, or pushed carts a grocery store, could relate to Dusty. He was known for his tough street driven interviews and antics out of the ring that promoters feared.
The Wrestler, 1973 AWA movie featuring Rhodes and Murdoch frustrating Promoter Frank Bass as they beat up motorcycle gangs and turn a local pub upside down!
West Texas State saw him on the field prior to the ring.
"The American Dream" both tough and comedic, will be remembered by fans everywhere.
In latter years Rhodes was in Florida where he trained newcomers to his craft.
CPW remembers Dusty Rhodes!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Betty Jo Hawkins!

Yes, Betty Jo Hawkins,  a Golden Era Bombshell who used her beauty and mat Skills to provide fans with exciting Mat Action.
You may not be aware (That's why you come here) that she was actually married to Tough Guy Brute Bernard. Bernard and Skull Murphy were a rough Tag Team during the 1950's and 60's.
We at classic Professional Wrestling remember Betty Jo Hawkins!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Doctor? Murderer? Professional Wrestler!

Depending on your opinion, he may be anyone of these, but I remember him as a Professional Wrestler.
Dr Sam Sheppard fought for his life, and fought in the Squared Circle.
He was unpopular to some because of being accused of murdering his wife.
Regardless of the outcome, he had to earn a living and found Professional Wrestling as an avenue.
Dr. Sheppard stirred controversy wherever he went.

Here on a Wrestling Revue page, you can see him in action using The Mandible Claw.This hold outraged some as it impaired his opponents breathing and finished him off.
Some feel he was framed, some felt he degraded himself going from a Man of Medicine to a Man of the Mat. Whatever your opinion is, he entered the World of Professional Wrestling and we  remember him for that at Classic Professional Wrestling!

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Battman!!

No I didn't misspell it! No it's not the Great Adam West! It's Professional Wrestling's Dynamic Duo, Battman and Robin!!
The popular TV Show was not the only place to find Masked Heroes.
Pittsburg PA was very aware of The Battman during the 1966 era.
At CPW we are working hard to get him on our upcoming radio show so standby!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Benito "Bouncing" Gardini!!!

From 1940-1956, Gardini wrestled in over 660 matches. The fans really didn't watch him to see if he would win, but watch him get bealed or hip tossed and bounce across the ring! He would bounce from one side to the other to the delight of the fans.
From Baltimore to Chicago's Marigold Arena, Benito took on greats like Roy McClarity and Desplaines Illinois own NWA Champion Walter Palmer!
Some call it a gimmick, but to the fans who were mainly immigrants Benito was a working mans hero!
We remember "Mr. Five by Five"!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

CAC Reunion Memories!

Promoter Bob Brooks sharing good times in Las Vegas with Professional Wrestling Stars Lord Zoltan and The BBM Ballistic Brent Myers!!
Lord Zoltan and myself have been friends for 25 years. He is a ring veteran, but beyond the ropes, he is a driving force for the hearing impaired.
Lord Zoltan sponsors huge events to raise funds and awareness of hearing loss and spends countless hours working to help those who are without sound.
The BBM of course travelling Coast to Coast taking on opponents and keeping his fans wanting more!
Future plans for Promoter Bob Brooks include returning to the radio airwaves to host Classic Professional Wrestling Radio where we remember the Ring Greats!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler!

From Reno Nevada, weighing in at 259 lbs He is "The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler" Dick The Bruiser!
Yes, One of the real tough guys and in my opinion THEE Toughest!
From Football to the squared circle, Dick pummeled foe after foe!
Teamed up with Hans Schmidt in the early days 1950's, he was hated until the 1960's when he teamed with his cousin The Crusher! They were the Blue Collar working mans heroes!
Probably the roughest, bloodiest match ever was the September 1, 1972 Steel Cage Match at Soldiers Field in Chicago!!
Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher vs The Blackjacks Mulligan and Lanza, Managed by the greatest Manager ever, "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan!
The Special Guest Referee, Heavyweight Boxing Champion "Jersey" Joe Wolcott!
Soldiers field was under renovation and Promoter Bob Luce pulled off the best card ever!
The weather was cool and the action hot and heavy!
Bobby Heenan was beaten so bad he was vomiting in the ring when Mulligan and Lanza tried to get Heenan out of the cage after the match!!!
Blackjack Muligan told me and all of his fans on classicprofessionalwrestling radio in 2012 that was his ost memorable match and how brutal Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher were!
Jersey Joe decked Bobby Heenan when things got on of control.
Many cage matches occurred after this, including mine. but none can compare to this!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Misty Dawn!

Tri State Wrestling in Chicago had tough, lovely Women Wrestlers. Judy Starfire, was one of the toughest. Judy was a top AWA and WWA Star!  Ms Bunny Love not only Managed "The Golden Boy" Paul Christy, but put her boots on and was a feared opponent.
The TSW Heavyweight Champion of The World Misty Dawn! I will tell you that she never turned down a match, took on any opponent I put up against her! She put her name on the dotted line and gave 100%!
Misty Dawn used a variety of holds. She could dropkick your head off, but she like to exchange holds and wear down her adversary
Misty was also in mixed matches with The Polynesian Wildman and Shotgun Willie.
Always dependable, she was a Promoters dream! I could always count on her.!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Great Referees of the AWA and WWA!

The third man in the ring!
It's so easy to remember great ring stars and matches that we'll never forget.
At CPW we want to remember some of the great referees who Officiated those matches.
Connie Marker, "The Dean of Wrestling Referees"
Connie was always in motion and keeping his attention on the action as well as anticipating a Manager sneaking in with foreign objects or double teaming opponents, cheap shots.
Stan Sarbernack was the Chief of Police in Bridgeview Illinois, and an Instructor for Police Departments throughout the area. Stan would get the main events with Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher where it was a brawl with their opponents.
Percy Franklin was on of the few Black referees in business. Although he was straight and narrow and didn't take any guff, I was amazed when in the ring I saw him shake hands with "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan prior to the match.
Johnny Shorn was seen weekly for the WWA. He was a mainstay.
Henry Van Loon was booed I think in every match and announcement for not having eyes behind his head! Poor Henry would break up a hold but miss the Managers underhandedness going on next to him.
Bob Wingo was another ref booed!
Ralph Hamilton was one of my favorites in Indiana.
Ok, here he is Mike Figeroa!!!
The most popular/unpopular referee in the business!
Mike was very slow moving and methodical! Don't let that fool you, because what many fans did not know was Mike actually was a Professional Wrestler in his day!
The "Golden Boy" Paul Christy found out the hard way that you didn't mess with Mike!
Christy, in a early heated match, picked up Figeroa and place on the top turnbuckle so he could go after his opponent, but when Christys match was over and he made it back to the dressing ring, he had some splaing to to do! Mike walked up to Christy and pointed his finger almost touching Christy's nose, and said "If you ever put your hands on me again you'll never Wrestle in Illinois again!"
Christy apologized and was shocked that this man of little height, was a man with no fear and had plenty of Authority! They actually grew to be good friends over the years but Christy always respected Mike.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Shirley Strimple!!!!

The Wrestling Housewife!! Shirley was a lovely woman who proved she could run a house as well as run the ropes!
Hailing from Joplin Missouri.
Trained and once married to Roy McClarity, at 5'4 130 lbs Shirley was always up for any opponent that wanted to compete within the ring or her beauty.
Personally Shirley was my favorite Woman's Wrestler from the Golden Era.
Lorraine Johnson vs Shirley was certainly a treat for fans with battling beauties.
Shirley passed away in 1989.
When people say Shirley who? I let them know just who she was.
Shirley will always be remembered at Classic P
rofessional Wrestling!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Here we go!! Johnny Moochy!!

Johnny Moochy wrestled throughout the Midwest, Chicago at the Parichy Ballroom at Harlem and Harrison, and throughout his billed home state of Wisconsin.
Names like Rudy Kay and The Bavarian Boys, Johnny Moochy, and Bouncing Gardini were mainstays for Fred Kohler.

You asked for it!!!

Here he is!! Chest Bernard! Recently a post of a match between Dick The Bruiser The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler and Chest Bernard was put on youtube.
Now we've been getting requests for him so here he is!
Not to be confused with Brute Bernard, Chest Bernard wrestled mainly in Chicago and Iowa during the mid fifties.
If you have a classic wrestler you remember but can't find, let us know!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thank you Fans from Promoter Bob Brooks! 11,000 views soon!

Thank you to my Classic Professional Wrestling Radio Show Sidekick Ms. Melissa for putting this page together!
And 11,000 page views by dedicated Classic Professional Wrestling Fans like you make this the best page to get the REAL DEAL from the Mat Greats themselves and those in the business.
I really enjoy bringing you these greats so tell your friends to check us out!!

WWA Manager Mark Manson!

WWA Manager Mark Manson! Hailing from Haight Ashbury District in San Francisco!
Mark managed The Graduates, comprised of Angelo Poffo and Kenny Dillinger!
I remember a Sunday Night watching Mark on Bob Luce with his "Voodoo Cane"! Bob and Mark couldn't keep straight faces and it was funny to see a Heel in this spot!
Mark may not have been recognized as the caliber of "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan, but he did make the interviews and Bob Luce Wrestling worth remembering for years.
I would like to mention the Legendary TV Commentators Mr. Bob Elson and sportscaster Al Learner were a part of Bob's weekly shows.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hartbeat Radio!

Don't miss Promoter Bob Brooks on Tuesday evenings with Bruce Hart from Calgary and "Cowboy" Johnny Mantell!
I will be bringing special guests such as The Original Assassin!
 "Beautiful" Bobby Harmon who was Managed by Abdullah Farouk!
Many other Classic Mat Greats will join us as well, so stay tuned!!

Yukon Eric!

A gentle giant who had many stories told about him, some true some ,well ....
While many remember his convertible, some remember hearing he only drank milk and was criticized, or some focus on his death.
I like to look at his career as all of these, kinda like a folk hero.
A true tough man, he like to boast his large chest and plaid shirt.
He did wrestle in the WWA and was also famous if you will for having part of his ear torn of by Killer Kowalski.
This is why I say his career was made of up of many components, and sad that some were not good.
I think the best part is too remember him and not be stuck on any one portion, because to do so really doesn't show the whole picture.
To truly enjoy his talents, put together the whole package.
He died in January 1965, but not his legacy.

Saturday, January 3, 2015