Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bobo Brazil!

Yes, King of The Coco Butt!
 Bobo wrestled all the top names. Early on, he wrestled Dick The bruiser, but later became partners with him.
Most fans remember Bobos matches against The Sheik in Detroit. They would be on the floor, in the seats, and in the street!
I met Bobo in Hammond at The Hammond Civic Center. He actually needed a funnel for oil to put in his van. A nice man, who chomped cigars and traveled everywhere!
I saw him in Chicago at Cominsky Park when Dick The Bruiser and Bobo took on The Sheik and Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan in 1974.
Bobo was in the movie I Like To Hurt People highlighting Big Time Wrestling in Detroit.
Bobo held many Championships throughout his career, but most fans were really waiting on him to unload with his Coco Butt!
Bobo was inducted into The WWF Hall of Fame by Ernie "Big Cat" Ladd!
Brazil passed away in 1998 but his ring memories will always be retained at Classic Professional Wrestling!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Here he is! Sailor Art Thomas!!

One of my favorites was this gentleman, and yes, he really was just that.
Art served his country and really was in the US Navy. In his early days he would work Madison Square Garden and being paired with Bobo Brazil and Burrhead Jones, as well as Dory Dixon.
Wrestling in Texas and The Carolinas, he made his way to the Midwest and AWA-WWA Arenas where he was a fan favorite.
Usually Arts opponents would attempt overhand wristlocks or go toe to toe with him in "Test of strength" and finding out he was no joke. Art worked out and stayed in top condition. He would get up early when on the road and search for a gym.
A story was told years ago that Cowboy Bill Watts made remarks to Art in the locker room and Art obliged Watts and was ready to chop him apart but Watts took off and wanted no part of Thomas.
Art did not drive a car, and usually to a bus, or his wife would drive him.
He was always good with fans and they loved him. Especially using a bearhug on opponents like Baron Von Rashcke or The Sheik!
Art was a family man who remembered when he was in a orphanage, he wanted to belong to and have a family.
He was blessed with a family who watch this 6'4" 250 lb  man get on his knees and pray everynight, giving thanks for what he had.
Sailor Art Thomas, a real kind man who will always be remembered at Classic Professional Wrestling!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Black History Month Continues with The Princess!!

CAC Honoree and WWA Great Princess Jasmine is remembered!
At 5'9" the Princess who was going to be a nurse, chose the mat world instead. A chance to meet The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler Dick The Bruiser turned her world around. Trained by Prince Pullins, Jasmine quickly learned her craft. Although she wrestled "Clean" most of the time, she really preferred to rough it up, even getting into racially charged assaults by her opponents she didn't let it get to her and charged her opponents with the fierceness ofa cheetah!
Travelling to Ontario, Alabama and the South on occasion, her WWA home was where she wanted to be.
Some of her travels took her to Africa.
A lovely woman, she graced the rings until she passed away in 2009 at a young 60 years of age. She was respected by her opponents, even Beverly Shade, and Ms. Bunny Love, Judy Martin.
So who better to remember a Princess who was a Queen, Princess Jasmine!!
Photo Courtesy of Wrestling Revue Magazine.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Prince Pullins!!

In recognition of Black History Month, we are highlighting WWA Star Prince Pullins!
Prince Pullins worked undercard matches but always gave 100% as if it were the main event.
Wrestling top stars such as The Sheik ,Gene Kininski, and Tom Demarco, and even "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan in 1965!!

You could always expect and receive high flying action from Prince.
Prince served his country during the Korean war. Later Wrestling for Balk Estes prior to it becoming WWA World Wrestling Association owned by Dick The Bruiser and Wilbur Snyder.
Pullins trained Princess Jasmine, a African American beauty who became a fan favorite.

Prince Pullins passed away in 2006, but he is remembered for his action packed matches and dedication to Professional Wrestling!

We remember the Prince and Princess at Classic Professional Wrestling!