Saturday, February 20, 2016

Here he is! Sailor Art Thomas!!

One of my favorites was this gentleman, and yes, he really was just that.
Art served his country and really was in the US Navy. In his early days he would work Madison Square Garden and being paired with Bobo Brazil and Burrhead Jones, as well as Dory Dixon.
Wrestling in Texas and The Carolinas, he made his way to the Midwest and AWA-WWA Arenas where he was a fan favorite.
Usually Arts opponents would attempt overhand wristlocks or go toe to toe with him in "Test of strength" and finding out he was no joke. Art worked out and stayed in top condition. He would get up early when on the road and search for a gym.
A story was told years ago that Cowboy Bill Watts made remarks to Art in the locker room and Art obliged Watts and was ready to chop him apart but Watts took off and wanted no part of Thomas.
Art did not drive a car, and usually to a bus, or his wife would drive him.
He was always good with fans and they loved him. Especially using a bearhug on opponents like Baron Von Rashcke or The Sheik!
Art was a family man who remembered when he was in a orphanage, he wanted to belong to and have a family.
He was blessed with a family who watch this 6'4" 250 lb  man get on his knees and pray everynight, giving thanks for what he had.
Sailor Art Thomas, a real kind man who will always be remembered at Classic Professional Wrestling!

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