Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bobo Brazil!

Yes, King of The Coco Butt!
 Bobo wrestled all the top names. Early on, he wrestled Dick The bruiser, but later became partners with him.
Most fans remember Bobos matches against The Sheik in Detroit. They would be on the floor, in the seats, and in the street!
I met Bobo in Hammond at The Hammond Civic Center. He actually needed a funnel for oil to put in his van. A nice man, who chomped cigars and traveled everywhere!
I saw him in Chicago at Cominsky Park when Dick The Bruiser and Bobo took on The Sheik and Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan in 1974.
Bobo was in the movie I Like To Hurt People highlighting Big Time Wrestling in Detroit.
Bobo held many Championships throughout his career, but most fans were really waiting on him to unload with his Coco Butt!
Bobo was inducted into The WWF Hall of Fame by Ernie "Big Cat" Ladd!
Brazil passed away in 1998 but his ring memories will always be retained at Classic Professional Wrestling!

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