Saturday, March 5, 2016

The One, The Only, The Clawmaster!

From Stuttgart Germany at 288 lbs, he is The Clawmaster Baron Von Raschke!And so much more you probably didn't know!
A little closer to home, in Omaha, Baron worked hard on getting his Amateur Wrestling background together.
While playing basketball and football, he won the Nebraska State Heavyweight Championship.

He worked hard at a BS Degree in Biology as well.
Uncle Sam provided room and board and Baron served his country. He found time to be in the World Games winning a Bronze Medal in Greco-Roman Wrestling.
Promoter Joe Dusek,a name you heard in The Wrestler, introduced Baron to AWA Heavyweight Champion and Promoter Verne Gagne.The Goosestepper was born!
Teaming up with Mad Dog Vachon, he was underway into Professional Wrestling, where The Clawmaster had Legendary Matches at Cominsky Park in a Title Match with Gagne.
His opponents were the toughest around, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Wilbur Snyder, Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher!
Managed by Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan, The Clawmaster was on top!
In the 1980,s Baron saw the light, became a good guy, and also a crowd favorite!
The Clawmaster wrestled for me in those late 80;s and what a fan favorite he was.
I saw him throw The Clawhold on The Kelly Brothers Tim Kelly, and the crowd went crazy! They hadn't seen Baron for a few years in Chicago as he worked the WCW out of Atlanta.
I brought The Clawmaster to my home to meet my father. He was such a cordial man, very respectful of my father and kind.
I always appreciated his coming to the house.
In the ring, he was tough, he could wrestle, and he would give the best interviews with Sam Menacher.
Bob Luce printed bloody beaten pictures of Baron and the crowds filed in.
Baron had a Antique shop in Prior Lake. He made some interviews and behind the scenes stories.
I will always remember his matches and The Claw.
At CPW we remember The Clawmaster Baron Von Raschke!!

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