Saturday, March 12, 2016

Giants of The Mat! Happy Humphrey!!!

While the scales tipped at the meat packing plants of 900 lbs., they weren't weighing beef, but a Professional Wrestler from Georgia named Happy Humphrey!
In the ring, the big man started his career in 1953 wrestling a Bear. Most mat stars don't start off that way but....
I realize Wiki this and that focus on him being so heavy, but fans, this man was kind and always took time to sign as many autographs as he could.
Maybe not unusual, but considering his treatment outside of the ring by non fans who would stare at him, and made him feel like a circus side show, he remained a nice man.
"Handsome " Harley Race was tasked during his early career in driving Humphrey to his matches.
Yes, Race had been a caretaker to him, showering him with a garden hose, washing him with brushes and mops, Race looked at him as a mentor who taught him a lot in the ring. Race wrestled HH on occaision.
Now here's what you wanted, and that is who could give HH a run for his money in the ring you say?
At 601lbs Haystacks Calhoun and 900 lb HH had sold out Madison Square Garden for Promoter Vince McMahon Sr.
Humphrey lost most of his weight in later years, and volunteered for obesity studies.
His heart gave out eventually, but he left us with great memories of a big man who really cared about the fans and Professional Wrestling.
And we at CPW cared about Happy Humphrey and he is remembered!

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