Thursday, April 25, 2013

Great Minds!

What could they be thinking? Hey, GLOW Sunny got together with Promoter Bob Brooks to share her smile!
GLOW Sunny brightens any event with her smile and CAC 2013 Las Vegas was no exception!
We enjoyed watching Casino Royale live matches at the Gold Coast Hotel.

Good food, good friends, has to be CAC 2013!

In Professional Wrestling, when Promoters, Wrestlers, Referees Photographers and Tmekeepers get together in agreement, it's time for good food and friends.
At the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas, Promoter Bob Brooks, Ballistic Brent Myers, Chicago Wrestling StarTrevor Blanchard, Brian Allen,Photographer and Son N Law of The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler Dick The Bruiser, Scott Romer, and of course my counterpart and longtime friend of CPW Brian Shenk.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What a treat! Canadian Mat Great and AWA Star Fred "Puppy Dog" Peloquin was at CAC! the "Puppy Dog" minus the Bushy Sideburns shared so many great Mat Memories about the AWA!
I have to say it was like going to school and listening to a Professor when Fred shared his knowledge of Professional Wrestling Wrestling with me.
Wrestling Mat Legends like The Crusher and Vern Gagne, The Vachons and so many more.
Fred is very proud to be from Canada and enjoys being retired, but makes sure he watches Professional Wrestling on TV every week with his buddies.
Thanks "Puppy Dog" for the many matches and for being a mentor to me.
From GLOW, Gorgious Ladies of Wrestling, the one and only GLOW Sunny, heard on Classic Professional Wrestling Radio, poses with her friend and favorite Promoter Bob Brooks during the Casino Royale!
Sunny took time out to greet fans and signed autographs for her GLOW fans.
Now Scott Romer knows why I was late to the dinner meeting! Ha!
As promised! Promoter Bob Brooks brings you the 2013 CAC updates from Las Vegas!
What a time and where do I start? AWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkle!
Well, so many Mat Greats graced the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino.
The Interns/The Medics, NWA Great Bob Giegel, and "Puppy Dog" Peloquin!!
Lets see who is really a Professional Wrestling fan and remembers all 3?
Longtime friends Jake "The Snake" Roberts and I enjoyed watching Promoter Billy Blades live Casino Royale with a huge 55 Man event starring Ballistic Brent Myers Rock Riddle, who by the way was not happy being eliminated!.
Mick Foley was  a guest speaker to honor "Paul Bearer" AKA Bill Moody who passed away recently and was to be honored at CAC 2013.
My friend Ivan "The Russian Bear" Koloff recieved a prestigous award, and shared some great memories.
"Handsome" Jimmy Valiant AKA The Boogie Woogie Man, a longtime friend of Promoter Bob Brooks had a great time and shared alot of ring Memories!Remembering Bob Luce and Dick The Bruiser, AWA & WWA era.
Sandy Partlow was honored and what a lovely Woman Wrestler she was and looks fantastic today!
Greg "The Hammer Valentine made his presence known especially during the Dr Ken Ramey Bowling tournement.
Another longtime friend "Gangrell" was in the house lurking about.
Scott Romer was photographing the entire reunion with quality shots of ring action and just plain memories. All I can say is hope you support CAC and come out in 2014!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

CAC We'll See YOU there!

Promoter Bob Brooks will be in Las Vegas for the 2013 Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion next week!
Wow! So many of the greats like Paul" The Butcher" Vachon, Dr. X, The Russian Bear Ivan Koloff and of course The Interns!
The AWA Heavyweight Champion of The World Nick Bockwinkle (CAC President) will be there!
Our good freind Joe Mauriello (Timekeeper) and Law Enforcement Guru will be putting together a spectacular bowling challenge so sign up early!
The lovely GLOW Ladies are certain to be there making the Gold Coast Hotel a great place to be!
If you like Professional Wrestling, don't just remember those greats, come on out and meet them and get memoribilia, books, and photos by Professional Wrestling Photographer Great Scott Romer!!!
I'll see you there!!!
April 15th-17th!!!!!
Don't miss it!

The Interns and Doctor Ken Ramey!!