Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Race Bannon!

Chicago Wrestling Legend Race Bannon is on his way to Classic Professional Wrestling Saturday February 8th 2014!
Pop the popcorn and get a seat belt for that recliner because you will be on he edge of your seat!
This is the show where Professional Wrestlers talk candidly with Chicago Promoter Bob Brooks and you hear the REAL DEAL!
Stay tuned to this page and Dream Elite Radio!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Big Bertha!

Big Bertha was somewhat controversial according to research done by CPW. Some sites have even made the claim that Big Bertha was actually a man.
Fans, please remember that Professional Wrestling was spun off from Carnivals.So freak shows and oddities were a sideshows and Professional Wrestling used many gimmicks to draw fans.
Regardless of criticism and speculation, Classic Professional Wrestling remembers Big Bertha!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Two rough tough Masked Men of The Mat!
Working in the AWA Southern areas such as Memphis, and the Central States.
They had epic battles with The Fabulous Ones!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

George Scott Passes!

George Scott, known for teaming with his brother Sandy past away today.
Scott was well known in the Mid Atlantic and South. He did make it to Chicago in 1972.
George worked not only as a Professional Wrestling, but behind the scenes after injuries forced him into a early retirement.
George seem to find opposition later in his career, and colliding with new ideas and breaking aay from "Tradional" Professional Wrestling in favor of Sports Entertainment.
Classic Professional Wrestling appreciates and remembers George Scott and his contributions to Professional Wrestling!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Larry Hamilton AKA "The Misouri Mauler".
This week we highlight one of the truely Tough Guys in the business.
Larry was popular in the Carolinas and Virginia.
He broke his brother into the business and teamed with The Great Bolo!
Classic Professional Wrestling Highlights The Missouri Mauler!
Johnnie Mae Young,
a Woman Professional Wrestler has past away!
She was not a Diva, or Cheerleader, nor did she wear gym shoes and cut offs into the ring.
Mae Young was a Professional and proud to be in the business.
While many of us remember her from her ring days, many others remember her from recent WWE and WWF TV work.
As a young wrestler she graced the ring with her beauty, but counted on her talent to get her a three count.
From 1940 on Johnnie Mae Young battled opponents, as well as a business that did not welcome Ladies into a mostly men's business.
Ed "Strangler" Lewis, one of the All Time Greats, trained Young, which tells you she learned how to Wrestle.
The Movie Lipstick and Dynamite gave the public a view of women's wrestling and the uphill battle to compete in a mans world, Young was one the top stars shown.
Johnnie Mae Young, thanks for the ring memories!
You will be remembered on Classic Professional Wrestling!