Thursday, January 16, 2014

Johnnie Mae Young,
a Woman Professional Wrestler has past away!
She was not a Diva, or Cheerleader, nor did she wear gym shoes and cut offs into the ring.
Mae Young was a Professional and proud to be in the business.
While many of us remember her from her ring days, many others remember her from recent WWE and WWF TV work.
As a young wrestler she graced the ring with her beauty, but counted on her talent to get her a three count.
From 1940 on Johnnie Mae Young battled opponents, as well as a business that did not welcome Ladies into a mostly men's business.
Ed "Strangler" Lewis, one of the All Time Greats, trained Young, which tells you she learned how to Wrestle.
The Movie Lipstick and Dynamite gave the public a view of women's wrestling and the uphill battle to compete in a mans world, Young was one the top stars shown.
Johnnie Mae Young, thanks for the ring memories!
You will be remembered on Classic Professional Wrestling!

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