Friday, October 9, 2015

Great Professional Wrestling Venues!

Over the next few months I will discuss a home to Professional Wrestling across the USA.
Starting in my hometown of Chicago Illinois.
Four early arenas were The Parichy Ballroom, Rainbow Arena, Marigold Arena, and The International Amphitheater.
The Parichy Ballroom with Professional Wrestling on the second floor was a hot spot at Harrison and Harlem Avenue part of Forest Park.
Yes, today the Eisenhower I-290 goes past it.
Ballroom dancing was was the rage during the 20,s - 40;s. Professional Wrestling was in need of a home in Chicago and turned to The Parichy.
Keep in mind that this was a small venue but it brought some of the best talent in such as Johnny Moochy, The Bavarian Boys and one my fathers favorites, Bouncing Gardeni!!
Fred Kohler looked for larger venues, and when Gorgeous George and Dick The Bruiser were tops, they needed the larger arenas.
Carl Ekstrom from Oak Park could have walked from his Dance Studio!
So don't forget the Parichy as it was a convenient location and brought together some matches that will be remembered right here on Classic Professional Wrestling!

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