Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bobby Shane!

In only 29 years of life, Bobby Shane was on top in Professional Wrestling from 1965 - 1975! He defeated such greats as AWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel, Cowboy Bob Kelly, and The Stomper! No easy task taking on any one of these top stars!.
At 5,9 224 lbs, not the biggest Wrestlers in the ring, but he knew how to wrestle.
From West County in St. Louis Missouri, Bobby wrestled all over the world. The NWA was his main territory, and winning Championships such as The Mobile TV Title and Georgia TV Title.
Bobby's career was main event all the way.
On February 20th, 1975 Bobby was flying on a single engine plane piloted by Wrestler Buddy Colt. Due to poor weather conditions in Tampa, they diverted to Davis Island. The engine reportedly stalled while banking and crashed into 15' of water.
Hart, Colt, and Idol injured, swam to shore and called for help.
In a statement from Gordon Solie, Bobby's foot was pinned under the wreckage. He never made it out.
Contradictions, accusations, and various reports all came from this tragic crash.
It's my opinion Bobby's career would have no doubt continued to flourish.
Bobby Shane will always be remembered at Classic Professional Wrestling!

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