Monday, June 1, 2015

Doctor? Murderer? Professional Wrestler!

Depending on your opinion, he may be anyone of these, but I remember him as a Professional Wrestler.
Dr Sam Sheppard fought for his life, and fought in the Squared Circle.
He was unpopular to some because of being accused of murdering his wife.
Regardless of the outcome, he had to earn a living and found Professional Wrestling as an avenue.
Dr. Sheppard stirred controversy wherever he went.

Here on a Wrestling Revue page, you can see him in action using The Mandible Claw.This hold outraged some as it impaired his opponents breathing and finished him off.
Some feel he was framed, some felt he degraded himself going from a Man of Medicine to a Man of the Mat. Whatever your opinion is, he entered the World of Professional Wrestling and we  remember him for that at Classic Professional Wrestling!

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