Monday, May 11, 2015

Misty Dawn!

Tri State Wrestling in Chicago had tough, lovely Women Wrestlers. Judy Starfire, was one of the toughest. Judy was a top AWA and WWA Star!  Ms Bunny Love not only Managed "The Golden Boy" Paul Christy, but put her boots on and was a feared opponent.
The TSW Heavyweight Champion of The World Misty Dawn! I will tell you that she never turned down a match, took on any opponent I put up against her! She put her name on the dotted line and gave 100%!
Misty Dawn used a variety of holds. She could dropkick your head off, but she like to exchange holds and wear down her adversary
Misty was also in mixed matches with The Polynesian Wildman and Shotgun Willie.
Always dependable, she was a Promoters dream! I could always count on her.!

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