Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler!

From Reno Nevada, weighing in at 259 lbs He is "The Worlds Most Dangerous Wrestler" Dick The Bruiser!
Yes, One of the real tough guys and in my opinion THEE Toughest!
From Football to the squared circle, Dick pummeled foe after foe!
Teamed up with Hans Schmidt in the early days 1950's, he was hated until the 1960's when he teamed with his cousin The Crusher! They were the Blue Collar working mans heroes!
Probably the roughest, bloodiest match ever was the September 1, 1972 Steel Cage Match at Soldiers Field in Chicago!!
Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher vs The Blackjacks Mulligan and Lanza, Managed by the greatest Manager ever, "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan!
The Special Guest Referee, Heavyweight Boxing Champion "Jersey" Joe Wolcott!
Soldiers field was under renovation and Promoter Bob Luce pulled off the best card ever!
The weather was cool and the action hot and heavy!
Bobby Heenan was beaten so bad he was vomiting in the ring when Mulligan and Lanza tried to get Heenan out of the cage after the match!!!
Blackjack Muligan told me and all of his fans on classicprofessionalwrestling radio in 2012 that was his ost memorable match and how brutal Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher were!
Jersey Joe decked Bobby Heenan when things got on of control.
Many cage matches occurred after this, including mine. but none can compare to this!!!

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