Saturday, January 23, 2016

Little Crusher! Little Bruiser!

No, not Little Bruiser!
William Hamilton actually Tagged with Little Bruiser.
Teaming up they took on Bobo Johnson and Cowboy Lang.
They lost the match, but CPW hasn't lost sight of them.
While Little Bruiser from Reno Nevada was a sensational hit in Indianapolis where the had a Six man Tag Match.
Dick The Bruiser, The Crusher and Little Bruiser, vs The Blackjacks and "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan.
In an interview I did with Blackjack Mulligan in 2012, BJM told the story of him and Lanza stopping at a small store a week after that six man tag team match, and being booed out practically by the clerks!
The clerks said how could you beat up that little guy!
 Mulligan remembered that the match just aired where they were at on TV.
Mulligan said they were glad to get out of there unscathed!
These little men of the mat had big hearts in the business and will always be remembered by Classic Professional Wrestling!

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