Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Worlds Most SCientific Wrestler! Wilbur Snyder!!

WWA and AWA fans remember this man well. Snyder, who crossover from football into the more lucrative Professional Wrestling could use more holds in seconds than most anyone during this time.
Joe Tangero and Joe brunette were his pals.
Most people couldn't see a connection in styles between him and The Worlds Most dangerous Wrestler Dick The Bruiser. Dick was a brawler and Wilbur scientific who could rough it up if need be, actually formed a business venture in 1965 and formed the WWA World Wrestling Association.
Before all this, Wilbur was well known in California, and The Hollywood Legion Stadium!
While there he was among names like Sandor Szabo, Tom Rice, and many others who would come to LA for a big break into the business.
WWA fans packed the house in Indianapolis, Hammond, and house shows in Champaign Illinois, Springfield, and Indiana Armories.
Remember Remington?
Wilbur and Blackjack Lanza would go toe to toe with memorable matches.
Snyder teamed up with The Golden Boy Paul Christy, Yukon Moose Cholak, and Pepper Gomez.
As time went on, Wilbur appeared to lose interest and his craft, and found retirement and playing tennis a better deal.
Selling his portion of the WWA to Dick The Bruiser, Wilbur tried Promoting with dismal results on his own.
Unfortunately for Wilbur, who smoked over 2 packs of cigarettes per day, his health turned for the worse.
In his family life, Wilbur's daughter married Mr. Electricity Steve Regal. His grandchildren kept him busy.
Wilbur passed away 8 weeks after dick, both in Florida.
Sam Menacker and complimented Wilbur saying he was a gentleman in and out of the ring!
We remember The Worlds most Scientific wrestler Wilber Snyder here at Classic Professional Wrestling!

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