Saturday, January 2, 2016

Here They Are The Medics!!

You asked for them and here they are!!
The Masked men of The Mat!
The Medics started in 1969 and based themselves in the Central States and Memphis. By 1970 the graduated med School, and now became The Interns!
Managed by my friend and longtime Manager Great, Dr. Ken Ramey, these guys battled whoever steeped into the squared circle with them!
Yes, a few changes in the lineup occurred, but these guys were as tough as nails!
I interviewed The Interns and Dr. Ken Ramey. The Interns described how not only did they have to focus on their opponants, but on protecting Dr. Ken from their opponants and fans!
Not an easy task, but they worked feverishly to keep him safe.
In the line up change, they told me how he became a Intern after a promoter tried to have him injured or unmasked to force him to leave the area.
During a match, his mask was reemoved. he went home ready to hang up his gear.
The next day his phone rang, and it was Dr. Ken, offering this stranger a job but under a mask.
Needless to say, he donned his mask and his rough tough Tag Team ran rampid to the top!
At Classic professional Wrestling, the Medics, the Interns, and my late friend Dr. Ken Ramey, CAC Great will always be remembered!!

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