Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wow!! Going back to the 1940's remembering Jim "The Goon" Henry!
Fron Buffalo to Beaumont, this guy worked with Paul Ballargeon and Magnificent Maurice and Handsome Johnny Berand.
1939 saw the invasion of Poland, the US was at a tense time, of course nobody knew what December 7th 1941 was going to see at Pearl Harbor.
Yet Americans still needed an outlet to get away from WW II. Professional Wrestling greats provided that diversion.
Walter Palmer was the NWA Champion of the 40;s.
Jim Henry was Wrestling throughout the US.  In Beaumont Texas, Jim was in 3 Fall Tag Team matches with Young Joe Stecher.
Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland were known as Steelbelt Wrestling. Yes, The Wrestling Battman was there too!
The Goon was anywhere there was a ring, taking on the legends of the day, such as Primo Canera.

Known for finishing off his opponents with a Powerful Full Nelson, Jim had many long and grueling matches, some lasting an hour and time limits expiring..Going the distance.
At Classic Professional Wrestling, we remember Jim "The Goon" Henry!!

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