Saturday, November 29, 2014

Did you know?????

Promoter Bob Brooks is on Hartbeat Radio Sunday Evenings at 8PM-10PM?
It's true!
Bruce Hart, Bob Johnson and myself bring you the best in Professional Wrestling!
I love bringing in the mat greats and here is a line-up of Classic Mat Greats who will be on the show soon:
The Assassin # 1. The Assassins dominated the South from Macon to Memphis! Two true tough Masked Greats of The Mat!
Greg Gagne! AWA Star and 1/2 of The High Flyers!
Blackjack Mulligan!:
The tough Texan was 1/2 of The Blackjacks from Sweetwater Texas!
September 1,1972 Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher vs The Blackjacks and "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan in the Steel Cage at Soldiers Field Chicago! Special Guest Referee Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jersy Joe Walcott!
Promoter Bob Brooks brings his longtime friends to Hartbeat Radio where you get real stories not Wiki this or that!
Count on Promoter Bob Brooks to bring back the memories that we knew as Professional Wrestling!

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