Monday, March 3, 2014

RIP Billy Robinson!

From Manchestor England!
The British Empire Champion has passed away at age 74.
Reports confirm he passed away in his sleep at his home.
Robinson was a well travelled man from a young age.
Billy could teach you yet never letting his student know everything, like a good Master of any craft or art.
For AWA Wrestlers and fans, Billy's matches with Verne Gagne will stand out, but if you look closely, you can see where he gave 110% whether it was a TV match or house card.
Billy Robinson was know for having quick moves and counters.
At times he was a cobination of Wilbur Snyder, Lou Thesz, Gotch, and yes, Verne Gagne.
In his demonstration with AWA Great Nick Bockwinkel in The Wrestler, Billy spars with Nick and counters moves and a few cheap shots.
Billy spent his latter years training young wrestlers of tommorrow.
Robinson brought science and art to the squared crcle.
He was a Master of holds and fans enjoyed his sportsmanship and long grueling matches.
Thanks Billy for sharing your talents with us.

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