Saturday, December 22, 2012

We have lost Rip Hawk!!

Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson were two of the toughest and without a doubt one of the most popular Tag Teams ever! From Florida and the Carolina's to almost every arena in the country!
We have lost Rip Hawk!
Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson were an inspiration to The Hollywood Success Rock Riddle who credits these two and were heroes in his eyes!
Classic Professional Wrestling remembers Rip Hawk!

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  1. A bit late in seeing, but thanks for posting this. I used to watch Rip Hawk as a child in Kentucky on Evansville, IN's Channel 7 WTVW, I think it was. Never forgot the name or how much I enjoyed watching him wrestle. Nice to see with all his years of traveling, he passed away less than a year ago.