Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Magnificent Maurice and Handsome Johnny Berend with Mr. Kleen!!

One of The All Time Great Tag Teams Remembered!
Join Special Guest Greg Oliver who interviewed Handsome Johnny Berend!!
Saturday 6PM EST Classic Professional Wrestling!


  1. I have been a fan of radio show Classic Professional Wrestling with Promoter Bob Brooks and Miss Melissa, on a recent show was referred to this new web site that allows us to get updates during the week....LOVE IT!!!! originally from Chicago myself, cannot wait to hear this weeks show discussion between Promoter Bob Brooks and Greg Oliver about Handsome Johnny Berend and Magnificant Maurice, 2 of the greats in tag team wrestling!!! Wanted to welcome back Promoter Bob Brooks, was great to hear you live back in the pacific, you were missed!!! your incredible knowledge and obvious love of the sport of professional wrestling, and the legends who made it great is obvious, as is the appreciation you can hear in their voices, by your guests, for the respect you show them regarding their lives and careers!!!! keep up the great work, look forward to listening and now checking this website for updates.......Katie Southwest Florida

  2. Yes! Promoter Bob Brooks is an amazing wealth of knowledge isn't he?

    I hope you're enjoying the Florida sunshine.
    Thanks for listening.